Best-in-Class IT Solutions

Backup & Disaster Recovery

The ability to start recovering within minutes, limit downtime and prevent data loss

Backup and Recovery LocallySpin Up Locally or in the CloudManagement Simplified Goals
  • Deliver critical services insurance

  • Ransomware mitigation

  • Re-boot ready within minutes

  • Local disaster recovery
  • Dedicated cloud resources

  • Drag and drop DR runbook orchestration

  • Failover to the cloud

  • Unlimited testing
  • Deploy, configure and manage

  • Data and recovery objective

  • No capital investment

  • Local disaster recovery

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Cloud Application Backup

Avoid data loss and protect your mission-critical SAAS data

Data ControlRisk ControlOperations & Cost
  • Backup – Set it and forget it

  • Recovery – Fast, Easy, Flexible

  • Unlimited, version replacing

  • Reliable 24/7 access and recovery
  • Close retention system caps

  • Security and ransomware protection

  • Long-term memory

  • Data sovereignty options
  • Intelligent workforce management

  • Monitor and reports

  • Save costs as Pay-As-You-Go

  • No-dustructive restoring

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Cloud Data Backup

Always back up and protect your endpoint data. Never pay for ransomware. Fast, Secure and Easy to manage

Ease to useSecurityEasy Management
  • Backup most critical data

  • Backup from anywhere

  • Restore quickly and with ease

  • Protection against ransomware

  • Managed device loss prevention

  • Enforce security and encryption

  • Automated install and security

  • Remote service with ease

  • Monitor and report

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Mobile Backup & Data Loss Prevention

Laptop and Mobile Device Protection to secure mobile data against loss or breaches

  • Locate lost or stolen devices with ease.
  • Automated processes for installation and mass deployment.
  • Mobile device IP address tracking.
  • Advanced technology to optimize low bandwidth performance.

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Object Storage Backup

Simple Storage Services (S3) that’s Affordable, Secure and Unlimited Data and always available


Based on Terabyte month
Pay Monthly
No Fees for Egress or API Request
Basic support plan included

Reserved Capacity Storage

Greater Discounts for term & capacity
Purchase in 1,2,3 or 5-year increments
No Fees for Egress or API Request
Basic support plan included

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