Workforce analytics for better employee productivity

Get better insight into your data with actionable insights. A complete solution for employee productivity monitoring, automatic time tracking, remote work management, and much more.

Use Cases of Insightful

Employee Monitoring

An employee time tracking software that keeps track of how your employees spend their time. Boost your team’s productivity and efficiency with powerful data.

  • Verified Attendance: 
    Instead of manually tracking employee work time, automatically track it through their computer activity.
  • Regular Screenshots:
    Screenshots taken periodically or according to rules provide proof employees are working.
  • Computer Activity Tracking:
    Monitor employee productivity, app and website usage, and overall time usage at all times.

Time Tracking

A time tracking software that keeps your most critical operations on schedule, within budget, and in check. This will allow you to focus on growing your business.

  • Project Overview:
    Make sure tasks and projects are assigned to employees and work is being done efficiently and effectively.
  • Definitive Proof of Work:
    By automatically capturing screenshots and computer activity, you don’t have to worry about inflated timesheets or slacking off.
  • Project Budgeting:
    Avoid debt and boost revenue with precise, down-to-the-decimal project budgeting.

Automatic Time Mapping

It can be difficult to keep track of project time manually. By automating, enhancing efficiency, and making it effortless, Insightful makes it possible.

  • Hands-Off Time Allocation:
    Detailed reports will help you stay on top of project progress and make sure that every second is counted.
  • Eliminate Human Error:
    The time mapping system relies on workers’ activity instead of the information they enter on a form.
  • Precise Project Insights:
    Automatic time mapper assigns work automatically to projects without bothering your employees.

User Activity Monitoring

Utilize Insightful’s discreet user activity monitoring software to improve your team’s productivity and workflow.

  • Measure, Analyse & Boost Employee Productivity:
    Get Extensive data and invaluable insights about your employees’ daily habits that help boost productivity.
  • Unparalleled Privacy Settings:
    Best-in-class privacy standards ensure employee privacy and legal compliance to never undermine employees’ trust.
  • Balance Workloads and Optimise Workflows:
    Better Manage workloads and workflows to ensure your employees are productive at all times.

Why choose Insightful:

  • Easy installation for Windows, Mac, Linux.

  • Real-Time Insight.

  • On-Demand and Automatic Screenshot.

  • Productivity Tracking

  • Task Tracking

  • Time and Attendance Monitoring.

  • Shift Scheduling.

  • Project Tracking.

  • Activity Log.