Development Tools

Essential tools for software developers and teams

Africa Solution Distributor’s award-winning vendors that offer top of the range development tools that enable software developers with a smooth and enjoyable experience when building and shipping their code, planning their work and as well as collaborating with their teams.
Find the perfect tools that can help you with IDE, .NET & Visual Studio or effective team collaboration in whichever technologies you use.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Individual IDE platforms that can help with the coding of JVM, Python, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, C/C++, SQL and iOS/macOS development.

.NET & Visual Studio

Range of .NET and Visual Studio tools that work as an extension or profilers, from cross-platform .NET IDE to code coverage.

What you can do with the right tools for your developers:

Integrated Development Environments

  • Intelligent Java and other JVM langauge development.

  • Python IDE for professional developers.

  • PHP IDE for code completion, refactoring, code analysis navigation, debugger and unit testing support.

  • Essential Ruby and Rails development tool.

  • JavaScript development to assist in high-quality code.

  • IDE for developing in C/C++ on Windows, Linus and macOS.

  • Smart SQL editor and advanced database client, tailored to meet specific needs.

.NET & Visual Studio

  • Productivity tool for Microsoft Visual Studio.

  • Faster & Powerful .NET & IDE cross-platform.

  • Unit test runner & code coverage tool.

  • Performance profiler.

  • Memory profiler.

Top Vendors: