Network Maps and Visio

Gain unrivalled insight into your entire network

Africa Solution Distributor offers a Network Mapping solution that gives users unrivalled insight into their entire network through easy-to-interpret and detailed network maps, available in different views, including web and vision.

With network mapping, you will gain access to visualize your entire network with automated network topology. The maps automatically organize all devices on a Web Map through a map layout algorithm, assuring you that your network maps are always in line with your network.

Network Inventory with Maps in Web & Visio
$950 annually for 300 devices

Network Inventory with Maps in Web & Visio
$950 annually for 300 devices

Maps in Visio

Discover your network in Visio by using the Microsoft Standard documentation package. Visio is a very flexible drawing package and is well suitable to document simple and complex network topologies. Automatically organise all your devices on Visio maps using the map layout algorithms to position network devices in a logical way.

Maps in Web

Network Topology Maps are created automatically following the completion of network discovery. Web maps are drawn quickly in the native browser graphics language SVF. Devices can be dragged around and the connecting links follow in real-time. With web maps, you have the feature to view switch port connections and in-depth information.


Discover the inventory and assets in your corporate network by only using a discovery engine.


Gain everything you need and want to see in your network through network inventory.


Provide instant network maps in Visio and web for fast overviews and documentation.


Automated network monitoring system, that uses multi-reading and staggered polling.

What you can do with network maps & vision solution:

  • Automated generate web-based maps.

  • Draw and document maps through Maps in Visio.

  • ITIL framework boost productivity, visibility and security. 

  • View network maps through Maps in web.

  • Agentless network inventory and discovery tool.

  • Enterprise view of your entire IT inventory.

  • Eliminate documenting network maps manually.

  • user-friendly and powerful IT Asset Management tool.

  • Probe architecture that extend geo reach.

Automatically generate network maps in Web and Visio

Network Maps

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