Wireless Survey and Design

Professional Tools for High-Performing Wi-Fi

Africa Solution Distributor is a distributor of reliable solutions that eliminate unstable wireless connections through pro-grade features that allow you to design, validate and maintain high-performing Wi-Fi fast and easily.

This Wireless Survey & Design solution offers precise Wi-Fi diagnostics through accurate and reliable data that assist its users in designing well-optimized wireless networks. Gain peace of mind knowing your Wi-Fi is always performing as it should and eliminate any frustrating & costly downtimes.

Features That Ensure World Class Wi-Fi:

  • Coverage & Capacity Planning
    Accurately predict your network coverage, performance & capacity – in 3D.
  • Fast & Accurate Site Survey
    Collect survey data fast and review and optimize your designs.
  • Troubleshoot Instantly
    Testing of access point configuration and metrics to identify common issues.
  • Professional Custom Reports
    Automate reports for your entire Wi-Fi projects or customize your reports.
  • Optimized for iPhones & iPads
    Optimized to deliver a good user experience that’s fast & responsive.
  • Uninterrupted Surveying
    Survey longer without needing to recharge.
  • Remote Collaboration
    Reduce site visits through remote collaboration.

Top Vendors:

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