Discover, Inventory, Map & Monitor your IT

Codima is a Network Discovery Tool that’s suitable for all your network management needs. With Codima you will be able to discover accurate information about all hardware and software for your Network Inventory, without needing agents.
This network discovery tool offers three modular Toolboxes focusing on Network Inventory, Maps in Web & Visio, and Network Monitoring with Alerts and ticketing.


The Codima Toolboxes Discovery Engine discovers the Network Inventory and assets in your corporate networks without installing any software or agents on them.


The Codima Toolbox will do the Network Discovery and produce your Network Inventory of hardware & software. Gain everything you need and want to see in your network.


The Codima Toolbox provides instant Network Maps in Visio and Web for fast overviews and documentation. View Network Maps from remote probes.


The Network Monitoring system is automated through highly scalable monitoring engines, that use multi-threading & staggered polling across the polling system.

One Architecture in One Scalable Product

Toolbox Overview

Codima offers three modular toolbozes all based on Network Discovery to address all your network management needs. The Codima toolboxes provide you with accurate information about all your hardware & software while assisting in making informed decisions after a Network Discovery.

Toolbox 1: Network Inventory
Toolbox 2: Network Inventory with Maps in Web & Vision
Toolbox 3: Network Inventory with Maps in Web & Visio and Alert Ticketing

Increase Knowledge & Visibility

The Network Discovery enables you to visualize your entire IT infrastructure as well as the existing relationship between devices in your network, with Codima’s web-based maps. The Network Maps care automatically generated and can be viewed from remote probes with live status updates.

Increase Knowledge and Visibility
Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

With Codima Toolbox you gain a comprehensive and fully integrated network solution. Automate record-keeping, exactly the same interface is used for every feature starting with Network Discovery that produces Network Inventory to Network Maps in Web and Visio to Network Monitoring and Alert & Ticketing, minimizing training, minimizing training and costs.

Unrivaled Insight

Codima gives its users an unrivaled level of insight into their network’s operations by allowing them to see port-to-port connectivity information like never before. This entire process is automated and also details what ports on a switch, in the network, belong to which VLANs.

Unrivaled Insight
Improve Network Security

Improve Network Security

The Network Security identify risks, measure vulnerabilities and non-compliance issues before they become a problem. Check for patch compliance and track running software every 15 minutes looking for missing Anti-Virus and running malware. With the Network Security you will gain the power to see what’s actually on the Network and spot rogue devices.

Cut Network Costs

Codima reveals all your needles expenses while assisting in budging decisions and managing your IT network cost-effectively. The pricing of the Codima Toolboxes is also very simple and straightforward which scales from small to large.

Cut Network Costs

Codima Feature Module