Use endpoint user behaviour to implement employee monitoring

Experience the power of data analytics with our basic monitoring solution suited for organizations that need basic monitoring.

Get complete visibility into your workforce with essential features like capturing, analyzing and controlling user activity for a use case.

A single, scalable solution to strengthen security, improve productivity and manage compliance.

Build a customized monitoring solution that analyses granular app activity data for your customers.

Satisfy regulations with a secure, endpoint monitoring solution that caters to the need of government agencies.

Teramind Starter pack starting with minimum 5 seats
$10 /monthly and $8,30 /Yearly

Teramind Starter pack starting with minimum 5 seats
$10 /monthly and $8,30 /Yearly

Employee Monitoring for productivity, security and compliance

Data-driven employee monitoring with behavioural analytics that provides actionable insight into productivity, data security, and compliance.

  • Boost the productivity of all employees, no matter where they work – remotely, hybridally, or in person.

  • Secure employees and contractors everywhere with endpoint monitoring.

  • Keep regulatory compliance and data handling activities under control.

Monitor user activities with session recordings

Use powerful user activity tracking tools to improve security, productivity, and compliance like never before.

  • Smart rules and automated alerts.

  • Live view and historical playback.

  • Optical character recognition.

  • Website and application monitoring.

  • Email monitoring.

  • File transfer and web file tracking.

  • Printed document tracking.

  • Remote desktop control.

  • Online meeting monitoring.

User and entity behaviour analytics

Keep your enterprise protected in today’s complex threat landscape with user and entity behaviour analytics validated by machine learning.

  • Detect anomalous behaviours in any activity on any endpoint.
  • Receive alerts as soon as a user or entity begins showing symptoms of a data breach or attack.
  • Monitor system sign-ins and block unrecognized login locations and times.
  • Automate incident response and enrich security operations.

  • View risk assessments of users, entities, departments or specified groups based on regression analysis.

  • Uncover and reduce te occurrence of false positives in your incident management system.

Intelligent compliance management

Keep on top of your compliance management with an automated system that incorporates the human element and keeps your organization compliant.

  • Monitor activities in real-time to ensure compliance and policy enforcement.

  • Protect personal and sensitive data however it appears on the screen.

  • Get detailed reporting that satisfies compliance audits and breach requirements.

Teramind Employee Monitoring

Increase the productivity of your workforce by analysing behaviours.

Teramind Employee Monitoring

Increase the productivity of your workforce by analysing behaviours.

Features that make Teramind special:

  • Scriptable Rule

  • Logic In-App

  • Field Parsing Live and Recorded Screen Capture

  • Smart Rules and Automated Alerts

  • Remote Desktop Control OCR

  • Application and Website Monitoring

  • Email Monitoring

  • File Transfer Tracking

  • Instant Message Monitoring

  • Keystroke Logger

  • Printed Document Tracking

  • Online Meeting Monitoring