Published on June 01, 2023, | By Africa Solution Distributor

Know Your IT Infrastructure Inside Out

Keeping up with the demands regarding IT infrastructure is a perplexing task especially if the right tools are not in place to provide a helpful insight. Using solutions such as IT Asset Lifecycle Management, Network Monitoring and Network Maps are just the starting points in removing any blind spots that make it difficult to maintain control, visibility, and performance of infrastructures.

Asset Lifecycle Management – Know when assets reach End-of-Life.

Knowing when IT assets reach their End-of-Life or End-of-Support certainly removes the unknown when it comes to assets in your environment, by being equipped with a Lifecycle Management solution you can track assets that reaches their End-of-Life and End-of-Support, make it easier to prevent the risks of unsupported assets causing problems and optimizing costs within budgets.

  • Complete IT Asset Management
  • Retire and replace assets that have reached End-of-Life
  • Guarantee the continued support and maintenance of assets.
  • Keep track of obsolete and unsupported assets.
  • Anticipate and prevent potential security risks in unsupported assets.

Network Maps in Visio – Documenting your network infrastructure.

Present and document your network’s infrastructure using Visio maps, a flexible drawing tool that is easy to use and well-suited when documenting simple or complex network topologies. Have the ability to automatically organize and update all the devices in your network without any worry.

  • Automatic network maps update.
  • View switch port connection.
  • Maintain End-to-End device performance.
  • See live network data.
  • Troubleshoot issues faster.
  • Automatically discover devices.

Network Monitoring – Expert IT monitoring for all kinds of infrastructures.

Monitoring and gaining insight on any systems, devices, traffic, and more is incredibly important in knowing what the next steps are, troubleshooting issues and better performance of any network no matter the size.

With the right solution, you can monitor anything:

  • Applications
  • Cloud
  • Network
  • Database
  • Hardware
  • Performance
  • Services
  • IoT sensors/condition monitoring
  • Technology
  • Mobile probes
  • Wi-Fi coverage
  • WAN, firewalls, routers and switches

By being equipped with these solutions you can monitor every area of your IT, discover, analyze, and map every asset, device, system, and much more. Find out which solution is the best for your requirements and evaluate it in your own infrastructure.


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