Object Storage

Object storage is a cloud-based flexible architecture strategy, that manages data as an object within a storage pool. Object storage combines the pieces of data that make up a file and adds all the relevant metadata to that file and attaches custom identifiers. Object storage is a cloud backup storage solution that is more affordable, cost-effective and faster than your average backup storage solutions.

Affordable Prices
80% less than Amazon S3. Now you can keep all your data at an affordable price.

High-Level Performance
Performs faster than the competition means your data is always with you in milliseconds.

Protect data from any theft and hackers with the cloud best data storage.

Why you should use Object Storage

Simple Storage Services (S3) is a cloud-based storage solution that can be used as a backup destination.
This is the perfect cloud backup solution for small and medium businesses looking for a simple and less expensive cloud object storage solution.

No Charges For Egress or API Requests

Object Storage Backup

Affordable and secure storage

Pay Monthly
No fees for egress or API requests
Basic support plan included

Reserved Capacity Storage

Greater discounts for term & capacity

Purchase in 1, 3 or 5 year increments
No fees for egress or API requests
Basic support plan included

Benefits of Object Storage:

  • Greater data analytics because of metadata

  • Infinite Scalability
  • Faster data retrieval

  • Affordable

  • Optimization of resources

How Object Storage can assist you:

  • Delivery of rich media

  • Manage distributed content

  • Embraces Internet of Things (IoT)

Top Vendors:

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage