Infrascale Comprehensive Data Protection

Simple, secure and affordable cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Get an all-in-one solution with the Cloud Backup that is an enterprise-grade direct-to-cloud backup solution that secures servers, desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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Cloud Backup

Endpoint backup protection of all your critical data.

  • Backup Critical Data

  • Restore Quickly

  • Ransomware Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Security and Encryption
  • Automated Install & Security
  • Remote Service

  • Monitor & Report

Cloud Application Backup

Protect and control all your application data.

  • Backup Data
  • Recovery

  • Reliable  24/7 Access

  • Close Retention Policy Gaps
  • Intelligent Workforce Management

  • Long-Term Retention

  • Zero Adoption Effort

  • Intelligent Workforce Management

Disaster Recovery

Hybrid cloud recovery solution.

  • Delivery of Server Insurance

  • Ransomware Mitigation

  • Re-Boot Ready in Minutes

  • Local Disaster Recovery

  • Dedicated Cloud Resources

  • Failover to the Cloud

  • Zero Adoption Effort

  • Data and Recovery Objective

Device Data Backup & Protection

Laptop and mobile device backup and protection

  • Secure Mobile Data

  • Roaming Device Protection

  • Single Backup Solution for All Devices

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Locate Lost or Stolen Devices

  • Delete Critical Data Remotely

  • Single Dashboard Manage All Devices

Cloud Backup for Endpoint Data Protection

Direct-to-cloud backup and recovery solution for mobile devices, laptops or remote offices.

Ease Of Use

  • File and folder backup.
  • SQL Server databases.
  • Exchange Server databases.
  • QuickBooks & her account files.
  • Windows & macOS
  • iOS & Android phones
  • Windows Servers
  • On/off network devices
  • Built-in local backup for quicker restores and higher redundancy.
  • Localized in 8-languages.


  • Anomaly detection.
  • Proactive alerting.
  • File version history.
  • Easy rollback.
  • Geolocation for Windows laptops.
  • Device management.
  • Remote wipe options.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) offers an additional security layer for accessing backup data.
  • AES-256 encryption.

Easy To Manage

  • Support branch offices.
  • Simple MSI builder.
  • File version history.
  • Granular permissions.
  • Choose data center.
  • Centralised, intuitive dashboard or API/SDK.
  • Invisible backup agents.
  • No VPN required.
  • No user reboot required.
  • Fast uploads & recoveries.
  • Granular monitoring.
  • Automated reporting.
  • Extract device level audit logs.
  • Generate historical reports.

Cloud Application Backup for SAAS Data Protection

Cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution, that includes daily changes in Office 365 applications, that is backed up to a cloud for implementation and restore.

Data Control

  • Protect frequently changing data.
  • Backup all plans, all data for supported SaaS apps.

  • End-to-end automation or on-demand backups.
  • Search SaaS backups by date or keyword to quickly locate and recover data.
  • Restore individual items (mail, file, or record) or entire mailboxes, folder, or databases.
  • Create an offline download (zip) of recovered items or restore online to the original (or alternate) account.
  • Unlimited history.
  • Complete point-in-time restoration via simple point-and-click.
  • Recover even when the SaaS provider is down or temporarily unavailable.

Risk Control

  • Close the gap between the SaaS provider (limited days) and corporate/legal/regulatory policy.
  • SaaS backup data secured with AES-256 encryption – at rest and in-transit.
  • Recovery from ransomware in seconds.
  • Unlimited retention of your daily SaaS application archives.
  • Be prepared for discovery and litigation requests.
  • SaaS backup data resided in your choice of: US, Canada, EU/Ireland, Australia.

Operations & Cost

  • Cloud-based deployment, ideal for a diverse set of the work environment.
  • Simple single-pane-of-glass management of SaaS backups.
  • Daily reports are available for overview and extensive details of your backup activity.
  • A simplified employee onboarding and off-boarding with bulk activation and automated addition/detection of users.
  • Restore to the original account, or to an alternate, with the migration service.
  • Granular monitoring.
  • Automated reporting.
  • Extract device level audit logs.
  • Generate historical reports.
  • Pay-as-you-go licensing for ICAB service.
  • No additional 3rd-party licenses/add-ons needed.

Disaster Recovery

Avoid downtime when disaster strikes, hardware fails or ransomware infects your systems. Recover your data and systems instantly.

Backup & Recovery Locally

  • No additional 3rd-party licenses/add-ons needed.
  • Restore clean version of files, folders, apps or full system.
  • Industry-leading, boot-ready time for failover in 2 minutes!
  • Spin up VMs on the local application and security sent to the cloud.

Recover/Spin Up Locally or in the Cloud

  • No sharing – computer & storage dedicated to your critical recovered data.
  • Specify recovery order, group and set the interval for the VM spin up.
  • Boot Windows and Linux servers or Virtual machines in the cloud with secure RDP or VNC Access.
  • No formal declaration needed, test dependencies before a real emergency.

Management – Your Size for Your Goals

  • Deploy, configure and manage directly from the Infrascale Dashboard.
  • Set backup settings.
  • Configure recovery network.
  • Priced per TB of protected data. No fees for onboarding or initial training.
  • Spin up VMs on the local application and security sent to the cloud.

Device Data Backup and Protection

A step toward simplifying data protection for laptops and mobile devices is to provide backup to your mobile workforce
and give IT one place to manage all of the data protection requirements for their devices.

Protect Roaming Endpoints

  • Secure mobile data.

  • Roaming device protection.
  • Single backup solution for all devices.

Data Loss Prevention

  • Mobile device IP address tracking.
  • Locate lost or stolen devices.
  • Delete critical data remotely.

All Device. One Dashboard

  • Automated process and mass deployment.
  • Alert & reports to configure and monitor backups.