Network Discovery and Inventory

Track hardware, software and users without agents.

Network Discovery and Inventory is a solution that Africa Solution Distributor offers so you can easily create detailed inventories of software and hardware without requiring agents. This solution organizes and makes it easy to understand information about computers, printers, routers, switches, etc that are part of your network.

Network Discovery and Inventory
$950 annually for 300 devices

Network Discovery and Inventory
$950 annually for 300 devices


Discover the inventory and assets in your corporate network by only using a discovery engine.


Gain everything you need and want to see in your network through network inventory.


Provide instant network maps in Visio and web for fast overviews and documentation.


Automated network monitoring system, that uses multi-reading and staggered polling.

Features of Network Discovery and Inventory:

  • Agentless network inventory and discovery tool.

  • Enterprise view of your entire IT inventory.

  • User-friendly and powerful IT Asset Management tool.

  • Enable SNMP and/or WMI, to make your discoveries detailed and informative.

  • Monitoring of the network as it learns what devices and links are present.

  • Automatically poll and monitor the network. 

  • Alerts and Ticketing.

Keep Track of Your IT Assets Without Agents

Network Maps

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