Get all training scenarios covered with a fast LMS

Automate your eLearning programs with Spring by creating high-quality courses and launching training in a user-friendly way.

With Spring, you can get all your training scenarios covered in one Learning Management System.

Have training ready for any scenario:

What you can do with iSpring:

iSpring Learn

Fast Learn Management System (LMS) for your mission-critical projects and to get all your training scenarios covered.

  • Training management on autopilot:
    Automatically manages training deadlines, as well as sending invites and reminders so you can focus on what’s truly important.
  • Comprehensive Reports:
    You can monitor the learning progress of every team or individual with iSpring’s in-depth reports. Use this data to make more informed personnel decisions and increase training effectiveness.

iSpring Suite

Discover how fast and easy eLearning course creation can be with a robust authoring toolkit it is extremely user-friendly, the software works in the familiar PowerPoint interface and allows authors to use PPT slides as a starting point.

Save time, effort and money by developing interactive courses, assessments, video tutorials, and role-plays.