Survey, Visualize, Plan and Improve Your Wireless Networks

NetSpot is a wireless site survey solution that assists in designing Wi-Fi networks with optimal coverage by identifying areas of interference and dead zones, ensuring a solid network.

The wireless site survey capabilities of NetSpot focus on determining the feasibility of implementing a wireless network in a specific area while finding the best spot for access points and other equipment.

Quickly and easily map real-life Wi-Fi data. Reports are flexible and professional.

Presented as an interactive table, it collects all the details about nearby Wi-Fi networks. using it, you can improve your network’s coverage and troubleshoot.

NetSpot offers more than 15 heatmaps visualisations that help troubleshoot and manage any Wi-Fi setup.


  • Analyse your Wi-Fi coverage.

  • Easy-to-use site survey tools.

  • Suitable for Mac & Windows.

  • Wi-Fi channel scanner.

  • Wi-Fi network analyser.

  • Detect Wi-Fi SSID, band, etc.


  • Visualise your wireless network.

  • See dead zones without coverage.

  • Adjust your channels’ load.

  • Measure and boost signal strength.

  • Create a Wi-Fi coverage heatmap.


  • Wireless survey tool to plan Wi-Fi.

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses.

  • Monitor and map Wi-Fi signal.

  • Create heatmaps of your network.

  • Monitor your WLAN network.

  • Suitable for networks of any size.


  • Troubleshoot wireless networks.

  • Identify connectivity issues.

  • Identify interference issues.

  • Find sources of excessive noise.

  • Resolve configuration problems.

  • Wi-Fi interference analyser.

NetSpot also optimises your network’s security by identifying and eliminating rogue access points, detecting unauthorised workstations, avoiding cross-channel interference, and getting rid of false-positive intrusion alerts. NetSpot is the only professional app for wireless site surveys, Wi-Fi analysis, and troubleshooting on Mac OS X and Windows.

Key Features of NetSpot

Wi-Fi survey app for Mac and Windows

The Wi-Fi site survey application of NetSpot offers user-friendly capabilities and is suited for Mac and Windows. You run a survey by walking, marking your position on the map, giving NetSpot a few seconds to collect data samples, and watching Wi-Fi networks detected and visualised. You also receive over 15 heatmaps coverage graphs, including powerful and customisable reports.

Discover Mode

Every detail regarding your surrounding Wi-Fi networks gets collected by NetSpot and presents the wireless data as an nteractive table. NetSpot also enables you to troubleshoot and improve your network’s coverage, capacity, performance, APs configurations, signal level, interference, noise, etc.

Discover Mode
WiFi Surveys

Wi-Fi Surveys

NetSpot simplifies Wi-Fi surveys and in-depth analysis of your network by offering interactive colour-coded heatmaps. You get access to outline your real-life Wi-Fi data on a map quickly and easily, and NetSpot offers professional and flexible reports.


NetSpot offers more than 15 heatmaps visualisations that help troubleshoot and manage and Wi-Fi setup. By helping analyse every access point, NetSpot can scale up from useful-to-everyone to incredibly detailed for the true wireless networking mavens.


Active Surveys

  • Throughput testing with Iperf 3 or custom speed test servers.
  • Upload and download speed.
  • Wireless transmit rate

  • Iperf upload, download and jitter.

Passive Surveys

  • Signal-to-noise ratio.

  • Signal level.

  • Quantity of access points.

  • Noise level.

  • Signal-to-interference ratio.

  • Frequency band coverage.

  • PHY mode coverage.

One Point Survey

One Point Survey

Plan Wi-Fi networks of any size with just one hotspot! With NetSpot, setting up new wireless networks is no longer a guess work. All you need is one or several portable access points to assess a potential Wi-Fi coverage and plan it perfectly. Just start a new survey project, place your hotspot in the designated location, take a few samples, repeat with another location.

Why NetSpot is the best for Wi-Fi Networks

Who is it for:

  • IT and network administrators.

  • Wireless service provider engineers.

  • Hardware vendors.

  • Consultants.

  • Wi-Fi deployment agents.

  • Home owners.

  • IT professionals.

What can it do:

  • Create effective and descriptive coverage maps.
  • Detect neighbouring APs

  • Explore wireless environment.
  • Improve connectivity.
  • Increase network speed and stability.

What it can fix:

  • Rogue APs, broken APs.

  • SSID configuration issues.
  • Packet loss, high latency, coverage voids.
  • Excessive interference.
  • Conflicting and overlapping channels.
  • Signal leaks from your building.