What is ITarian RMM

Powerful IT Management Platform to Empower IT Professionals

ITarian RMM provides IT professionals, with the capabilities of delivering quality services, support and security to their teams and customers to better their IT infrastructure. ITarian’s IT System Management (ITSM) software gives the ability to manage networks, endpoints, computers and mobile devices. All done by a centralized console that can deliver high-quality capabilities like never before

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How iTarian can help you

IT System Management

ITSM aims to manage and control systems in IT environments. This tool provides IT professionals with the ability to see what is happening across their entire network and enforce company policies regarding how their employees use the system.

  • RMM Software

  • Remote Access and Control

  • Patch Management

  • IT Automation

  • Network Assessment

  • Network Performance

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Andriod Device Management

  • Auto Discovery and Deployment

  • Software Deployment

  • Ticketing System

  • Helpdesk

  • Cloud-Based Monitoring

Business Automation & Management

Business Automation and management solution that helps to utilize business processes with optimisation to simplify their businesses, achieve digital transformation, improve service delivery, increase quality and lower costs.

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Quote Manager

  • Workflow Customisation

  • Business Reports

  • Service Desk

  • Client Communication Portal

  • Dispatchers Workshop

  • Invoicing and Billing

  • Time and Expenses Tracking

  • Inventory Management

  • Project Management

  • SLA Management

  • Managed Service Provider

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IT Systems Management

Remote Monitoring and Management Software

A software tool that provides IT professionals with the ability to remotely monitor and manage endpoints, networks and computers by performing patches, updates, installations and solving issues.

Why RMM Software

Patch Management

Automatically patch Windows and 3rd Party Applications using cutting-edge patch management software that includes scanning, installation and updates on all systems .

Benefits of Patch Management

  • Generate stag reports

  • One-click solutions for time-consuming tasks

  • Easy patch status tracking of individual devices

  • Support for Windows operating system and 3rd-Party Applications

Key Capabilities

  • Comprehensive Patch Sourcing

  • Automated detection of systems

  • Planning and prioritization

  • Efficient Systems Deployment

  • Management of organisational changes

  • Assessments and audits

Remote Access & Control

Connect to all monitored computers, control any remote or console sessions from desktops or mobile devices. With built-in Mobile Remote Control features, you can enable simple, reliable and fluid remote access to any monitoring system.

Benefits of Remote Access & Control:

  • Connect to networks remotely

  • Fix issues faster

  • Access files on servers or devices that are connected to the network

  • Access files faster to increase efficiency

Key Capabilities

  • Auto-Adjusting

  • Multiple Screens

  • Real-time sessions

  • Short Key

IT Automation

An IT Automation Library and Scripting platform that enables you to automate your IT operations and processes to improve their management and effectiveness

Benefits of IT Automation:

  • Access a large shared library of the script

  • Create custom monitoring and recovery functions in Python

  • Ask the iTarian team to write a script for you

Key Capabilities

  • Audits and Inventory

  • Identifying networks

  • Patch management and Software installation

  • Management based on policies

  • Automated auditing of baselines

  • Disaster recovery and backup

  • Automation scaling

  • Exchange on automation

Network Management

Aim to ensure that the IT part of your business functions in a reliable, secure manner that minimizes confusion, ensure high performance and help prevent security breaches.

Network Assessment

Assessment of a network refers to various things in the context of network devices. Determine which devices within your network are obsolete.

Key Capabilities

  • Identify server, endpoint and network vulnerabilities by performing in-depth scans of any networks

  • Automatically preparing detailed risk reports for scanned network together with actionable advice to rectify the risks

  • Planning and prioritization

Network Performance

Monitor the performance of endpoints, servers, hypervisors, routers, switches and firewalls as well as all the devices connected to every network.

Key Capabilities

  • Compile a complete list of your network devices’ disk, memory, CPU, bandwidth, files and logs

  • Get real-time and historical data about your network infrastructure and improve its performance

Analytics and Reporting

Understand the data within your network environment, by turning data into useful insights that can assist in improving operations, communicate results effectively and make actionable recommendations regarding problems.

Key Capabilities

  • A proactive approach to solving IT challenges based on data insights

  • Machine learning and threat intelligence-based predictive analytics

  • Inventory of critical events that can be detected in advance and forecast

Discover and Deployment

Auto Discovery & Deployment

Understand a new IT environment by getting a quick accurate view of the landscape, that can help you identify all the devices and maintain an ongoing up-to-date view of information.

Benefits of Auto Discovery & Deployment

  • Easy software deployment and endpoint discovery

  • Active directory, workgroups, IP range or domain used for network scanning

  • EasPackage deployment to any discovered endpoint as an exe, msi or mst

Key Capabilities

  • Discovery with SNMP

  • Discover the entire network inventory

  • Detection of OS and hardware

  • Monitoring and discovery of network devices

  • Monitoring and optimise network performance

  • Personalised reports

Software Deployment

Write and maintain source codes to create applications and software programs. Have the complete process and stages involved throughout the entire software development life cycle.

Benefits of Software Deployment:

  • Enhance in-house operations and productivity of an organisation by implementing custom software solutions

  • Provide users with ease-to-use devices and other physical appliances

  • A dashboard that lets you visualise and analyse a large amount of big data, that will help identify trends

  • Connect to devices remotely, while users are free to access processes from anywhere and at anytime

Best practices

  • Implement a deployment checklist

  • Choose the right deployment method

  • Automated software deployment process

  • Adopt continuous delivery

  • Use a continuous integration server

Helpdesk Ticketing System

Have the ability to collect, organise, track and manage all of your customer’s support queries from various channels; into one area to help make your workforce more efficient.

Ticketing System

By using the management system, IT support agents can reroute tickets to the correct person, department, or resource to resolve problems as quickly as possible.

Key Capabilities

  • Identify server, endpoint and network vulnerabilities by performing in-depth scans of any networks

  • Automatically preparing detailed risk reports for scanned network together with actionable advice to rectify the risks

  • Planning and prioritization


Have a point of contact for both customers and employees with queries, complaints and other concerns.

Key Capabilities

  • Analytics

  • Multi-channel support

  • Integration with various tools

  • Self-service

  • Automation suite

  • Collaboration

  • Reporting

Device Management

Mobile Device Management

A management tool that enables IT admins to monitor, manage and secure corporate or personally-owned mobile devices that run across multiple operating systems.

How it can help you

  • Deploy, retire, secure, monitor and manage Android or iOS mobile devices with GPS location, wipe and encrypt devices

  • Distributed applications, manage data and configuration settings as well as patching

  • Get complete visibility and controls you need

Android Device Management

Don’t have the fear of lost or stolen devices becoming a security risk when knowing that the device can contain classified organisational data and systems. With Android Device Manager you can control and view the devices you are connected with.

Can let you

  • Manage devices by enabling or disabling them

  • Provides drivers for your devices

  • Can view technical details of devices

Cloud-Based Monitoring

Comprehensive IT management automation that enables efficiencies in IT administration. Monitoring on the cloud gives you the opportunity to review, observe and manage information while it is being processed. You can test websites, servers, applications and other cloud infrastructures for performance and availability using a variety of techniques.

How cloud-based monitoring offers:

  • A complete toolkit of MSP- and enterprise-grade IT monitoring and administration tools

  • Easy deployment, streamlined workflows and scalability

  • Instant reduction of IT management costs

How it can help you

  • Full-stack monitoring service

  • Powerful SaaS solution

  • No-cost scalability

Business Automation and Management

Customer Relationship Management

A software solution that delivers functionalities to help businesses organize and access customer data. It provides an infrastructure that can organize activities, notes and metrics.

Essential CRM features:

  • Contact Management
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Lead Management
  • Deals and Tasks Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Email Tracking
  • Social Media Management
  • Mobile Version

Quote Manager

Creating a complete and accurate quote. Simplify processes so that the sales reps can quickly create a polished quote that are integrated with CRM and operational systems.

Have the ability to:

  • Generate professional quotes
  • Pull in and customise the product information, pricing and agreements
  • Have real-time visibility into quotes

Key Capabilities

  • Professional business templates
  • Automatic distributor feeds
  • Online Quoting
  • Upselling
  • Sales Cycle Visibility

Business Reports

Use a single dashboard you can use to drill down on key data form real-time, customizable metrics for every KPI.

Can help you:

  • Automate reporting workflows
  • Set realistic expectations with visibility

  • Maintain real-time updates in order to ensure quality of service

Key Capabilities

  • Profitability analysis

  • Meaningful metrics
  • Sales forcasting

Workflow Customisation

Keep your businesses running with well-defined workflows, forms and dashboards to reflect every aspect of your business, that can increase the efficiency of your organisation and align your business characteristics and requirements.

Have the ability to:

  • Service desk tickets
  • Sales quotes and proposals

  • Billing and invoices
  • Portal dashboard

Key Capabilities

  • Workflows
  • Forms
  • Dashboards

Customer Service

Have the ability to support quality service and support to customers. To manage incidents and service request and also handles communication with the users more efficiently.

Service Desk

Single point of contact between the service provider and a user. This Service desk system can help a business set up strong and efficient processes for their internal support departments and customer support.

Types of service desks:

  • Local Desk
  • Centralised Desk
  • Virtual Desk

Key Capabilities

  • Acces anytime and anywhere
  • Effective communications
  • Efficient workflows
  • Visibility and reporting
  • Shared expertise
  • User experience

Dispatchers Workshop

The ability to automate timesheets and dispatch processes to assign tickets to resources in at round-robin or based on availability.

How it can help you:

  • Automate the ticketing process
  • Integrate workflows across the service lifecycle
  • Integrate workflows across the service lifcycle
  • Spot trends with data from service histories
  • Monitor project status daily
  • Steamline the billing process with automation

Key Capabilities

  • Fully integrated ticketing and dispatch
  • Graphical dispatch dashboard

  • Pre-scheduling
  • Remote monitoring
  • Billable hours capture

Client Communication Portal

Client Communication Portal is a secure web portal that allows for constant communication and self-service support.

Have the ability to:

  • Request and tickets can be submitted anytime
  • Prioritizing, collaboarting, reviewing status and evaluating goals
  • On the self-service portal you can monitor tickets, change tasks, run reports and look at invoices
  • Reducing support calls by using self-help documentation

Key Capabilities

  • Access control
  • Task management
  • Ticketing integration

  • Project management

Invoicing and Billing

Software used for invoicing automatically generates billing for rendered products and services. A tool should help you create a list of products and services, along with their costs, and send them directly to your customers.

Invoicing & Billing

Automate the process to ensure that all billing information is tracked and customizable invoices are delivered.

How it can help you:

  • Apply time and expenses to contact automatically
  • Maximise resources within sourced and outsourced tickets from your vendors/partners.

  • Approve and post timesheets and expenses with accounting systems.
  • Deliver detailed, customised invoices to avoid billing errors or disputes.

Key Capabilities

  • On-schedule billing
  • Billing accuracy
  • Prorated billing
  • Accounting Program Integration
  • User-based billing
  • Automation

Time & Expenses tracking

Time and Expenses Tracking streamline the tracking, approval, and billing process with its intuitive tracking system.

Have the ability to:

  • Simplify timesheet ad billing approval processes
  • Provide techs with accountability
  • Schedule the delivery of detailed and accurate invoices

Key Capabilities

  • Time capture for budgeted and non-budgeted tasks
  • Effortless approvals
  • Insights on usage
  • Auto-generated customizable invoices
  • Effortless Billing
  • Visibility of performance

Inventory and Project Management

Inventory and Project management improves employee communication, automates business operations and increases the efficiency of your projects. Will help enhance client and employee satisfaction, increase profits and give you a chance to grow.

Inventory Management

It simplifies the process of inventory management and procurement between sales, service, and finance departments for your clients and you. It also includes managing purchase orders, setting product-bundle pricing, and maintaining accurate inventory counts per office location.

What is offers:

  • Automated quotes-to-billing process

  • Check inventory and reserve for fulfilment.

  • Sales order generation from quotes.
  • Accounting capabilities for accurate purchasing and receiving.
  • Real-time alerts for inventory changes.

Key Capabilities

  • Inventory management automation
  • Cross-functional visibility and control

  • Mobile Access

  • Fast, efficient and professional quotes

Project Management

You can use Project Management to do just that by managing resources, tracking budgets, assigning tasks, and monitoring progress at each milestone, with reports on each task.

Have the ability to:

  • Create project plans from scratch or make use of customized templates.

  • Real-time calendar availability let you assign and schedule resources easily.
  • Plan and visualize project timelines.
  • Collaboration with departments and teams on project documentation.

Key Capabilities

  • Opportunity conversion
  • Project billing

  • Workplan design

  • Centralised resource dispatch
  • Gantt charts

  • 360-Degree visibility