What is ITarian RMM

Powerful IT Management Platform to Empower IT Professionals

ITarian RMM provides IT professionals, with the capabilities of delivering quality services, support and security to their teams and customers to better their IT infrastructure. ITarian’s IT System Management (ITSM) software gives the ability to manage networks, endpoints, computers and mobile devices. All done by a centralized console that can deliver high-quality capabilities like never before

ITarian Remote Monitoring and Management Features

IT System Management

  • RMM Software

  • Remote Access & Control

  • Mobile Device Management

  • IT Automation Library and Scripting

  • Network Assessment

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Patch Management

  • Android Device Manager

  • Network Performance

  • Auto Discovery and Deployment

  • Software Deployment

  • Cloud-Based Monitoring

  • ITSM

  • Ticketing System

  • Helpdesk

Business Automation and Management

  • Business Reports

  • Client Communication Portal

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Dispatchers Workshop

  • Inventory Management

  • Invoicing and Billing

  • Outlook Sync

  • Project Management

  • Quote Manager

  • Service Desk

  • Quick Ticket App

  • SLA Management

  • Time and Expenses Tracking

  • Workflow Customization

  • Managed Service Provider

Remote Monitoring and Management Software

RMM software tool is the type of remote IT management software that is used by Managed IT Service Providers (MSP) to have the ability to remotely monitor and manage their client’s endpoints, networks, and computers. With RMM you can remotely manage and monitor patches and updates, install as well as solve issues by setting new standards of efficiency through automation.

Why RMM Software

Key benefits of Remote Monitoring and Management Software

Patch Management

Patch management allows you to automatically patch Windows and 3rd Party Applications using a cutting edge patch management module that includes scanning, installation and updating all systems. Patches can be done on-demand or scheduled to updated them automatically.

Patch management helps you keep your IT environment secure and patched.

  • Generate stag reports with detailed information.

  • Quick and easy one-click solutions to time-consuming tasks.

  • Easy to track patch status of individual devices to determine if there are vulnerability

  • Effort-saving patches that can be customised.

  • Support for Windows operating system and third-party applications.

  • Patch management that keeps your environment up-to-date.

Key benefits of Patch Management

Remote Access and Control

Remote control software that allows you to connect to all monitored computer and control any remote or console sessions from your desktop or mobile device. With features just as built-in Mobile Remote Control, you can enable simple, reliable and fluid remote access to any monitoring system. Access files, applications and control systems from wherever you are.

Remote Access lets you:

  • Connect to networks remotely

  • Fix issues faster

  • Access files on servers or devices that are connected to the network.

  • Access files faster to increase the efficiency of business responses.

Key benefits of Remote Access and Control Software

Service Desk

The service desk serves as a single point of contact between the service provider and the user. The service desk software handles the communication from the end-user regarding outages and planned changes as well as manages incidents, services and coordinated changes to the services. With businesses using the service desk system, they can set up strong and efficient processes for not only their internal support departments but their customer support departments as well.

Types of Service Desks

Key benefits of IT Service Desk

IT Automation Library and Scripting

The IT Automation Library and Scripting platform let you automate your IT operations and processes to improve their management and effectiveness.

How IT Automation Library and Scripting can help you:

  • Access a large shared library of the script so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

  • Create your own custom monitoring and recover functions in Python

  • Ask the Itarian team to write a script you need.

Key benefits of IT Automation Library and Scripting

Auto-Discovery and Deployment Tool

The first step in bringing a new customer on board is to take the time to get up to speed with each of their IT environments so that you’re clear on what you will be handling. To identify so many devices is a lot of work, not to mention the details you must collect about each of them. You then have to maintain an ongoing, up-to-date view of the information. By using Auto-Discovery and Deployment, you get an accurate view of the landscape quickly.

What is made possible with auto-discovery and deployment.

  • Easy software deployment and endpoint discovery for fast onboarding.

  • Active directory, workgroups, IP ranges, or domains can be used to scan the network.

  • A package can be deployed to any discovered endpoint as an exe, msi or mst.

Key benefits of Auto-Discovery and Deployment