Affordable and secure online backup, storage and disaster recovery solutions for IT professionals

Africa Solution Distributor gears IT professionals with solutions that can backup, store, and recover unlimited amounts of data at an affordable price, so that they are prepared for any data loss or disaster, and can regain their data quickly and efficiently.

Online Backup

Comprehensive cloud-based data protection of SaaS applications, endpoints devices and servers.

  • Backup and restore data quickly.

  • Ransomware protection.

  • Reliable 24/7 access.

  • Data Loss Prevention.

  • Long-term retention.

Disaster Recovery

Instant disaster recovery prevents any disaster from harming or destroying your data or servers with limited downtime.

  • Re-boot ready in minutes.

  • Failover to the cloud.

  • Local disaster recovery.

  • Ransomware mitigation.

  • Delivery of server insurance.

Object Storage

The cloud-based object storage solution can be used as a backup destination that is protected against ransomware and 80% more affordable.

  • Managing unstructured data.

  • Unlimited scalability.

  • Secure data storage.

  • Low cost with less complexity.

Cloud NAS Storage

A cloud-based storage system that is used as an archiving and backup solution. Data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

  • Automate data management.

  • Hybrid and multi-cloud storage.

  • Centralized file storage management.

Save your money on an affordable cloud storage solution from only $5,99 per TB per month!

Save your money on an affordable cloud storage solution from only $5,99 per TB per month!

Fast, Reliable, Secure and Protected
way to keep your critical data available 24/7

Protect and store your data better from any disaster and malware.

Over 65 000+ businesses trust these solutions when it comes to
protecting and recovering their data.