Office 365 Migration and Backup

Award-winning migration and backup software for Microsoft 365 and Exchange.

Africa Solution Distributor’s award-winning vendors offer an Office 365 migration and backup solution, that simplifies and secures the data migration and backup for Microsoft 365.

Office 365 Migration

A powerful desktop application for secure and automated data migrations to Microsoft 365 (Office 365) from Exchange and IMP servers and between Microsoft 365 teams.

Backup for Office 365

A desktop application that lets you perform full or incremental backups of selected Microsoft 365 (Office365) mailboxes and public folders, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business sites as well as Microsoft Teams data.

Key Features of Office 365 Migration:

  • Exchange to Microsoft 365 migration.

  • Migrate between Microsoft 365 tenants.

  • Migrate emails, calendars, contacts and more.

  • Migrations from Exchange 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019

  • Migrations from SBS to Microsoft 365.

  • Post-migration rescan.

  • Automatically provision and license Microsoft 365 users.

  • Automatic mailbox matching.

Features of Backup Microsoft 365 mailboxes:

  • Backup Microsoft 365 public folders.

  • Backup SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business.

  • Backup Microsoft Teams data.

  • Support for online and on-premises Exchanges and SharePoint.

  • Secure local backup and Microsoft 365 data.

  • Easy deployment from Azure Marketplace.

  • Restore data to the same or different Microsoft 365 tenants.

  • Automatic archiving of old and inactive data.

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