Employee Monitoring

Cloud or On-premise platform for user monitoring and insider threat prevention.

Africa Solution Distributor’s award-winning vendors provide businesses with a remote employee monitoring solution, that provides the possibility of monitoring the computers of users and employees by capturing and recording their activities as well as behavioural analytics.

This data can be used to determine all your employee’s levels of productivity, detect any insider threats while preventing data loss from happening with 24/7 monitoring.

Monitor Privileged Users

Keep an eye on privileged users and administrators. Get notified when they look at sensitive business content, block certain software installations and more.

Control Vendor Access

See what vendors are doing on your network and in real-time. Provide vendors with only the access they need, and ensure all vendors’ sessions are recorded and locked down.

Productivity Optimization Workflow

Look at where your employees spend most of their time instead of thinking. Get instant ROI by improving procedures and prodcutivity.

Capabilities of employee monitoring:

  • Employee Monitoring

  • User Activity Monitoring

  • User Behaviour Analytics

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Compliance and Audit

  • Insider Threat Prevention

Top Vendors: