IoT Monitoring

Intuitive IoT Device Monitoring Solution

As an IT Distributor, we acknowledge the rapid growth in IoT devices and the difficulty that follows in monitoring and visualizing them in their IT/OT environments. And with this growth, the demand for reliable IoT monitoring tools is also rising.

Africa Solution Distributor is a distributor of a reliable and proven IoT Device Monitoring Solution that gives you the ability to access and maintain IoT devices while having a unified overview of your entire IT/OT Infrastructure. Simplify the tasks behind IoT monitoring with this tool that gives you complete control and visibility of your IoT devices.

What you can do with IoT Monitoring:

  • Monitor multiple sites with the remote probes feature.

  • Monitor your classic and medical IT Together.

  • Predefined eHealth sensors and data protocols.

  • Visualize your classic and medical IT on a single dashboard.

  • Manage, transfer and secure patient data via HL7 protocol.

  • Prevention of damages, ensure low costs and resource usage.

  • Predefined templates of common use cases.

  • Customizable reports to evaluate your building data.

  • Threshold recommendations to set alerts and notifications.

  • Optimize your property and asset management.

  • Reduce energy consumption and prevent downtime.

  • Complete overview of IT, OT/IIoT environment.

  • Industrial ethernet device monitoring.

  • Suitable to work with other industrial solutions to extend the capabilities of passive monitoring tools.

  • All features are needed to monitor education environments.

  • Predefined sensors to monitor hardware and software.

  • Customizable alerting and dashboards.

  • Central overview of the entire infrastructure.

  • Ensure IT systems are available, stable and secure.

  • Monitor conventional and physical security tools/devices.

  • Scan for unusual activity and signs of potential attacks.

  • Monitor multiple locations with the remote probe.

  • Powerful and centralized e-government monitoring tool.

  • Monnitor several distributed locations.

  • Visualize your e-governments from a single easy-to-read dashboard.

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