IT Asset Management

Discover your entire network like never before!

Africa Solution Distributor is the distributor of IT Asset Management solutions that plays a prominent role in the availability of business-critical applications ad systems while promoting strategic decision-making. These solutions discover the network inventory and assets, in your network, without any extra software or agents needed.

The network discovery features increase your knowledge and visibility by allowing you to see all assets in your network and how they are connected. By implementing these IT assets management solutions, you will be able to identify unnecessary expenses and run your network cost-effectively.

Benefit of IT Asset Management:

  • Automated network inventory.

  • Informed decision making.

  • Flexible and user-friendly.

  • Easy-to-use ITIL framework.

  • Agentless network discovery tool.

  • Discovery large and small networks.

  • Probes to run parallel operations.

  • Enterprise view of your IT inventory.

  • Unlimited probes developement.

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