Ensure quality at every stage of the development process.

SmartBear provides tools for collaborative development, functional testing, performance testing, and performance monitoring across APIs, mobile, web and desktop to help software teams build the world’s best applications and APIs/p>

Solutions of SmartBear

Test Automation

Increase your test coverage and identify errors better with tools that seamlessly fall in place with your current processes.

  • TestComplete: UI test automation tool that lets you test every desktop, web and mobile application.

  • BitBar: Flexible cloud-based mobile devices and browser testing solutions for manual or automated tests.

  • TestEngine: Automate tests at a tremendous scale. Optimise test execution engine for SoapUI and ReadyAPI tests.

  • Test Execute: Run functional UI tests in parallel across physical and virtual machines using command line interface or REST API.

API Lifecycle

Stay ahead of the development curve with standards and testing in place, high quality comes faster and with monitoring, you will know about any issue before the customer.

  • ReadyAPI: API quality platform that accelerates functional, security, and load testing right inside your CI/CD pipeline.

  • SwaggrHub: API development platform built so teams can have a single source of truth throughout the API lifecycle.
  • AlertSite: Monitor your websites, web apps, and APIs from all over the world and within your private networks.

  • Pactflow: Contract testing collaboration platform built to reduce the complexity of testing microservices at scale.

Test Management + BDD

Gain a better idea of what your project goals can be with test management and BDD tools that built around adaptable tools to fit into your teams workflow with ease.

  • Zephyr Squad: Flexible test management solution inside Jira, perfect for Agile teams focusing on Test Design, Execution and Test Automation.
  • Zephyr Scale: Scaleable, performant test management solution inside Jira with advanced test planning, reporting, and reusability features.

  • Cucumber for Jira: Help teams develop the right feature from the start. Captures the value of BDD, natively in Jira.
  • CucumberStudio: Deliver quality at the speed of modern business with BDD, the revolutionary way for organizations to build software.
  • Zephyr Enterprise:: Robust test management solution managed outside of the Atlassian ecosystem. Integrates real-time with Jira.

Performance Testing

Easily create end-to-end load testes and monitors at the API and UI level, so you can ensure 24×7 speed and availability.

  • LoadNinja: Diagnose web UI and API performance issues with data that’s highly actionable and extremely accurate.