Published on February 23, 2022, | By Petru Maree

Complete Application Manager

As a result of an advanced world of technology, the importance of having a reliable application manager in place has grown significantly. And with this accelerated growth, there is never a dull moment for IT Administrators.

Africa Solution Distributor offers an extensive list of reliable IT solutions that assist IT Admins with any problem, including a complete application monitor & manager.

Why application monitoring?

A thorough application monitor allows you to make decisions based on real-time data received through custom maps, detailed statistics, and prompt alerts. Application performance monitoring (APM) assists in the proactive monitoring of business-critical applications to optimize performances and reduce downtime. This type of monitoring also ensures the 24/7 availability of these applications while optimizing response times and end-user experience.

The application monitoring tool we offer ensures availability through monitoring unusual network activity and reducing operation costs. This monitoring tool makes provision for small businesses and large enterprises by allowing standard application management and individual web application management:

Standard application management allows monitoring of all standard applications that has a direct influence on business processes, like firewalls and mail servers.

Individual web application management involves performance monitoring of highly complex web applications at the source code level.

With this monitoring tool, you will have full and continuous control over all your applications. You won’t only have complete control but also access to visualize applications through a unified overview on individual dashboards. You can customize your dashboards to fit your requirements for the statistics you would like to see of the applications in your network. And to allow you to be proactive, you get access to prompt and customizable alerts whenever it discovers a specific status.

With this tool, you get everything needed to ensure optimal performance & availability of all applications, in one single tool. As your distributor, you also benefit from it because we offer technical support (including implementation), technical training, and the opportunity to completely evaluate this tool with a 30-day free trial.

Reduce Downtime & Improve User Experience