Published on April 08, 2022, | By Petru Maree

Africa Solution Distributor a Distributor of Ekahau Wireless Design

Africa Solution Distributor’s extensive list of best-in-class IT solutions includes the leading Wi-Fi tool for designing, surveying, validating, and troubleshooting wireless networks and includes powerful spectrum analysis and heat mapping – Ekahau.

Ekahau Wireless Design tools offer everything to design and optimize high-performing Wi-Fi networks of any size by delivering fast and accurate Wi-Fi diagnostics through its professional and easy-to-use gear. Ekahau creates perfect Wi-Fi designs that fit your specific needs by combining your business requirements with environmental factors like your floor plan and wall materials.

Ekahau Pro

Ekahau Pro is the industry-standard tool for designing, analyzing, optimizing, and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks through powerful, easy-to-use features that create 3D plans according to your requirements. Ekahau Pro’s professional gear allows you to learn how many access points you need and where its best position is for high-performing wireless networks. Your possibilities with Ekahau Pro include:

Troubleshoot & Report

  • Display access point and channel configurations to reveal common interference issues.
  • Analyze collected data using one of 17 heatmaps to quickly determine the performance of the Wi-Fi network.
  • Generate easy-to-interpret reports for your entire Wi-Fi project with a single click or create fully customized reports.

Network Planning

  • Automated access point placement and network optimization.
  • Automated wall detection from CAD floorplans.
  • Coverage and Capacity simulations.


  • Real-Time Frequency Monitor
  • Capacity troubleshooting
  • Identify coverage issues, interference problems, Wi-Fi equipment failures, misconfigurations, roaming problems, and more

Analysis / Reports

  • Clear visualizations
  • Locates access points
  • Template-based reporting

Ekahau Survey

Ekahau Survey is a professional Wi-Fi site survey tool that eliminates traditional surveys with its intuitive Autopilot survey feature, collecting data for accurate Wi-Fi site measurements. This tool also gives its users a better understanding of their RF environment by offering in-depth scan details while surveying. Your possibilities with Ekahau Survey include:

Site Survey

  • Autopilot Survey with automated location tracking capability
  • Access points are automatically located during the survey
  • Define exactly which channels to scan
  • Annotate floorplans with text, photos, and drawings from iPhone’s & iPad’s built-in camera


  • On-the-spot network analysis
  • Per AP heatmaps
  • SSID selector – visualize heatmaps based on selected SSID
  • See your Wif-Fi infrastructure layout

Inspect Mode

  • View every measurement point made during your survey
  • Analyze the spectrum to get better insight into how busy your RF environment is on each band and channel