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PRTG Advanced Technical Training Course

PRTG Network Monitor

The PRTG training and certification program focus on empowering and providing partners & customers with enough knowledge to properly plan, demonstrate, install and provide first-level support.

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Certification Benefits:

  • Demonstrate PRTG

  • Discuss architecture options. 

  • Gain deep PRTG technical knowledge.

  • Consult with customers looking for a monitoring solution.

  • Help customers determine the best licenses based on their monitoring requirements.

Training Requirements:

  • Working knowledge of networking.

  • TCP/IP

  • SNMP & related concepts

  • Stable fast internet connection.

  • Computer with RDP capability.

Following Topics Will Be Covered:

  • PRTG Installation & Configuration

  • PRTG Administration Tool

  • PRTG Version Number & Release Channels

  • PRTG User Interface

  • User Administration

  • PRTG Licensing

  • PRTG Sizing – Planning Large PRTG Installations

  • Working with PRTG: Object Hierarchy & Device Templates

  • Working with PRTG: Libraries

  • Monitoring Bandwidth with SNMP & WMI

  • Customer Sensors

  • Customer SNMP & Library Sensors

  • Script Sensors

  • Sensor Detection Features

  • Debugging PRTG

  • Working with PRTG: Dependencies

  • Working with PRTG: Limits & Triggers

  • Working with PRTG: Introduction to Notifications

  • Advance Notifications

  • Reporting in PRTG

  • PRTG Remote Probes

  • Working with PRTG: Geo Maps

  • PRTG Maps

  • Working with PRTG: Priorities, Favourites, Tips

  • Working with PRTG: The Ticketing System

  • Review: License and Sizing

  • PRTG Architecture – Pros & Cons of Different Options

  • PRTG Overload Remedies – What to do when PRTG is Overloaded

  • PRTG Administration

  • PRTG Clustering

  • PRTG Network Settings

  • Bandwidth Monitoring with xFlow & Packet Sniffing

  • SNMP Trap Receiver & Syslog Receiver

  • Customer Sensors – Factory Sensor

  • Customizing & API

  • Monitoring Qos and VoIP

  • Monitoring Virtualisation Environment

  • Monitoring Email Servers

  • Monitoring Backup Processes

  • PRTG Certification