Published on February 18, 2022, | By Petru Maree

Intuitive IoT Device Monitoring.

As an IT Distributor, we acknowledge the rapid growth in IoT devices and the difficulty that follows in monitoring and visualizing them in their IT/OT environments. And with this growth, the demand for reliable IoT monitoring tools is also rising.

These two factors are the drivers behind the reason Africa Solution Distributor offers a reliable and proven IoT Device Monitoring Tool.

The importance of having an IoT Monitoring tool lies behind the ability to access and maintain IoT devices while having a unified overview of your entire IT/OT Infrastructure. The monitoring tool we distribute offers its users this and more:

  • Complete features for distributed monitoring
  • Monitor any IoT Devices
  • Real-time maps with live status updates
  • Alerts & customizable notification system
  • Fair licensing with no extra add-ons or modules

Another reason why this tool simplifies IoT monitoring is that it makes provision for specific sectors with different monitoring challenges, including:

Healthcare Sector – eHealth

IT Admins in the healthcare sector can monitor and visualize both Healthcare IT & classic IT infrastructure through custom dashboards & healthcare sensors.

Industrial Sector 

This monitoring tool combines elements from all areas to the health, status, and condition of machines, control systems, devices, and more across IT and OT.

Property Sector – Condition Monitoring

Measure the conditions of your properties 24/7 through analog on-site data collection or automated remote monitoring.

This IoT Monitoring tool and its features focus on keeping the monitoring simple while ensuring performance, reliability, and user-friendliness.

Experience this IoT Device Monitoring tool through a 30-day free trial. During these 30-days you will have access to all the monitoring features and no limitations.