Published on January 21, 2022, | By Petru Maree

Is “eliminate business-stopping downtime” a new year’s resolution?

At Africa Solution Distributor, we pride ourselves in offering IT Admins in Africa reliable & trusted solutions for any IT problems.

One of these solutions includes a powerful & award-winning Network Monitoring solution that assists more than 500,000 IT Admins globally in taking control and introducing strategic measures to eliminate downtime.

The network monitoring features allow you to monitor every aspect of your IT infrastructure while having a complete view of your network, systems, and applications from a single dashboard:

    • Flexible Alerting
    • Multiple User Interfaces
    • Cluster Failover Solution
    • Maps & Dashboards
    • Distributed Monitoring
    • In-Depth Reporting
    • Monitor Everything!

The configuration of this monitoring solution focuses on usability through Smart Setup & Auto-Discovery. The Smart Setup assists by taking you through the configuration process followed by the auto-discovery that creates and organizes devices for you, eliminating manual device setup.

What exactly does this solution monitor? The monitoring tool offers everything you need to monitor all areas of your IT, including:

    • Application – Log, Email Server, Exchange, Linux, VMware, etc.
    • Cloud – Cloud Application, Amazon, Docker &  Azure.
    • Database – SQL, MySQL & Oracle
    • Hardware – Server, Cisco, CPU, Dell, HP, Switch, etc.
    • Network – jFlow, sFlow, Firewall, IP, NetFlow, etc.
    • Performance – bandwidth, Uptime, Availability, CDN, etc.
    • Service – SNMP, WMI, SSH, SSL, etc.

The possibilities of the network monitoring solution might be endless, but the licensing options are very straightforward, allowing easy, one-time payments with no hidden costs. All licenses are perpetual and include all features with no add-ons needed.

Find out why 96% of users would recommend this network monitoring solution by downloading the 30-Day Free Trial. During the trial, you will have access to all features including distributed monitoring, at no cost or limitations!