Published on January 25, 2022, | By Petru Maree

New Year + New IT Problems = A New Solution!

Africa Solution Distributor has extended its list of trusted solutions, and we would like to share the excitement with you.

At ASD we acknowledge the importance of having complete visibility of your network including the devices connected to the network, the access they have, and the relationship between each. To have access to this information, IT Admins need to be equipped with the right tools that offer detailed network inventory & topology discovery.

We are the newly appointed distributor of a reliable & proven Network Discovery solution that offers its users’ network discovery-based features that can handle all your network management needs. This solution includes three Toolboxes to choose from:

  1. Network Inventory
  2. Network Inventory with Maps in Web, and Maps in Visio
  3. Network Inventory and Maps in Web & Visio with Monitoring, Alerts & Ticketing

Each Toolbox includes powerful features to track and explore all users, hardware & software in your network and is also scalable to fit your specific operation size. The system is a parallel distributed system to ensure you get the results you want, in no time.

Here is a quick overview of the four main areas this solution focuses on:


The powerful Discovery Engine discovers your Network Inventory and all assets in your network without needing any software or agents on them.


With this solution, you won’t have to manually gather information about your network anymore, because the Network Discovery automatically creates a detailed inventory of your network. After the discovery, you will get an accurate Enterprise View of your IT inventory including all devices & software.


After the completion of the Network Discovery, Network Topology Maps are automatically created within seconds, eliminating drawing maps by hand. The web-based maps allow you to visualize your IT infrastructure including the existing relationships between devices in your network.


The Network Monitoring system is automated using the discovery engine and suitable to facilitate the monitoring of large & small networks. The Monitoring engines are very scalable using full multi-threading and staggered polling throughout the polling system.

We believe this solution will take your Network Discovery, Inventory & Mapping to a whole other level! This solution has been in the market for 17 Years with thousands of IT Admins worldwide using and trusting this tool every day.

See this solution and all its capabilities in action!