Published on October 26, 2021, | By Carla Martin

Have you heard of Comodo cyber security before?

As a distributor of IT solutions, we had to put ourselves in the shoes of a company that needs security and protection from any cyber threats and ask the questions.

What software is powerful enough to detect the ever-developing cyber threats? Can it prevent breaches? Can it work for small businesses and large enterprises?  All these questions come into effect when finding that perfect solution.

That’s when we discovered Comodo. The world leader in cyber security and digital certification. Comodo proved itself by becoming one of the biggest players in the cyber security industry and is not only fit for large enterprises by also small businesses.

Here is what Comodo Dragon Platform offers:

  • Endpoint Security
  • Email Gateway Security
  • Website Gateway Security
  • Web/Internet Security

Comodo’s main goal is to eliminate security breaches that will leave your systems vulnerable.

This is why you can have the ability to stop breaches with auto containment technology that naturalizes ransomware, malware and cyber-attacks. This is done with Zero Trust Architecture, a cloud-native framework with built-in active breach prevention. It makes sure that no unknown files, malicious emails, hackers or viruses can infect your environment and cause any damages.

Sounds interesting right? But there is so much more that can help you stay uninfected while continuing a productive workforce.

Test it for yourself with a custom trial based on your environment.