Wireless Survey and Design

When your Wi-Fi is down, work immediately stops. This Wireless Survey and Design solution build and maintain high-performance Wi-Fi providing accurate Wi-Fi diagnostics combined with mobile-optimized apps that deliver faster site surveys, faster spectrum analysis, and more precise and reliable data.

The powerful and professional tools can be used by anyone and are suitable for any network size. By implementing this solution, well-designed and optimized networks are guaranteed, giving you the assurance that your Wi-Fi is always performing as it should.

Features That Ensure World Class Wi-Fi:

  • Coverage & Capacity Planning
    Accurately predict your network coverage, performance & capacity – in 3D.
  • Fast & Accurate Site Survey
    Collect survey data fast and review and optimize your designs.
  • Troubleshoot Instantly
    Testing of access point configuration and metrics to identify common issues.
  • Professional Custom Reports
    Automate reports for your entire Wi-Fi projects or customize your reports.
  • Optimized for iPhones & iPads
    Optimized to deliver a good user experience that’s fast & responsive.
  • Uninterrupted Surveying
    Survey longer without needing to recharge.
  • Remote Collaboration
    Reduce site visits through remote collaboration.

Plan & Manage Wi-Fi Networks

From system integrators to IT administrators, this solution is developed to be used by anyone and can be implemented to design, optimize and maintain Wi-Fi networks of any size. It includes a very fast, easy-to-use interface that works on laptops & tablets running macOS or Windows. This solution guarantees high performance and includes capacity, planning and analysis.

If you have Wi-Fi networks that are not in place yet the number of access points will be automatically determined as well as where they should be placed. If your Wi-Fi networks are already in place, this solution will provide quick & easy site surveys, coverage and capacity analysis, network optimization and troubleshooting.

Features To Plan & Manage Wi-Fi Networks

Wi-Fi Site Survey Tool

This solution is the first professional Wi-Fi site survey tool for iPhones & iPads. The Autopilot Survey mode tracks you location automatically during site surveys, ensuring freedom of movement while surveying with one hand. All nearby access points are automatically located and placed on a map following by an instant post-survey analysis with easy-to-read heatmaps.

This solution is intuitive and easy-to-use, any IT person can learn to survey in less than 60 seconds. The auto-save and sync feature keeps your survey data secure and allows you to share your survey results with expert users, quickly.

Features that Simplifies Site Surveys