Wasabi Cloud Storage

Looking to transform your cloud storage? Streamline your data with Wasabi.

Africa Solution Distributor is a proud distributor of Wasabi’s central storage providing the simplest, most affordable way to share any data. When you have data that needs to be stored, Wasabi’s object storage and cloud NAS storage will always be the right choice.

Cloud storage that Wasabi offers

Object Storage

The object storage uses the technique of essentially sectioning data into individual units, or objects, that are stored separately in an isolated location, along with all metadata and a unique identifier.

Cloud NAS Storage

Enables enterprises to keep all the features of their on-premises storage system while having unlimited storage, as well as setting policies that determine which files automatically move to the cloud.

Benefits of Object Storage

  • Store and retrieve any amount of data.

  • Build applications and workflows on cloud-based storage.

  • Data protection against cyber threats.

  • Average Time-To-First-Bute (TTFB) performance is less than 15ms.

Benefits of Cloud NAS

  • Never run out of space. Cloud NAS is unlimited.

  • Preserve current operations: No changes to existing file locations.

  • Reduce capital costs: No more periodic equipment upgrades and data migrations hassles.

  • No equipment hassles. No rack space, no electricity, no need forbackups.