Why do you need Website Application Security?

Website attacks and cyber-attacks are growing in numbers every day and the importance of creating a secure website and website security, in general, is increasing rapidly.

  • Malicious software is used to infect websites, gather data and in some cases even hijack computer resources. A site where an attacker has gained access to can be used to redirect traffic and infect visitors with malicious software.
  • Critical business relationships can be compromised.
  • Your website may be infected with malware in order to steal customers information, credit card information
  • The malware that is spread can lead to your site crashing
  • A secure website will lead to gaining your customers trust

Your site will be protected from Malware and cyber crime

Why choose our Web Application Security Solution ?

  • Is your website vulnerable to malware attacks and cyber-crimes?
  • Do you find it challenging to find and fix vulnerabilities on your site?
  • Are you losing valuable customers due to malware attacks?
  • Have experienced any website crashes during the duration that your website has been up?

The 360 version is an end-to-end web security solution that offers a 360 view of an organization’s security posture. It allows the enterprise to take control of the security of all its web applications, web services, and APIs, ensuring long term protection.

  • The solution has the capabilities of doing a vulnerability detection
  • Discover all of your web and network assets and easily import all the assets that you already know
  • The solution provides an integrated view of your company’s security posture with results of all scans displayed in a central management dashboard. It provides management with historical data, trending, and prioritization reports.
  • It has the capabilities of fixing vulnerabilities. It automatically retests the vulnerability to confirm that it has in fact been fixed
  • By integrating into every stage of your SDLC, it allows you to become more proactive in your scanning approach This helps you ensure that security issues are tackled at the source.
  • You can easily set up workflows to help you address identified vulnerabilities. You can include security, development, and management teams in the process-any level of customization is possible.
  • It provides a DeepScan technology- crawls all websites including Single Page Applications (SPAs) developed using HTML5, JavaScript and RESTful APIs.

The key features that will assist with Web Application Security:

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