Web Application Security

Be protected on all your web applications by running countless security checks and deploy continuous security monitoring.
Application security should be automatic scanning to find security flaws in websites, web applications and web services.

Key Features of Web Application Security

Dark Web Monitoring

Is an identity theft prevention product that provides you with the possibility of monitoring your identity information in the dark web, and you will receive notifications whenever your information is found online. Will monitor for:

  • Stolen Credentials – Monitor for any presence of your employees’ credentials in password collections and stolen databases on Dark Web marketplaces, IRC and Telegram.
  • Pastebin Mentions – Monitor the Pastebin, including deleted posts, and other paste website for mentions of your company, domain names or IP addresses.
  • Exposed Documents – Monitor for leaked or stolen documents attributable to your company on the Dark Web marketplaces and hacking forums.
  • Leaked Source Code – Monitor for accidentally or maliciously exposed source code on public code repositories such as GitHub.
  • Breached IT Systems & IoC – Monitor for mentions regarding your systems on the Dark Web marketplaces and hacking forums, enhanced with monitoring of threat intelligence and IoC lists.
  • Phishing Website & Pages – Monitor for any newly registered phishing domains and created scam web pages targeting your company, its employees or clients.
  • Fake accounts in Social Networks – Monitor for newly created social accounts that impersonate your company on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other Social Networks.
  • Unsolicited Vulnerability Reports – Monitor for social networks and special Vulnerability Disclosure Platforms for security flaws impacting your systems or applications.
  • Trademark Infringements – Monitor for and websites or domains that are trying to impersonate your company, its brands or trademarks.
  • Squatted Domain Names – Monitor for cyber – and typo-squatted domain names involving your company name or brand.

Attack surface Monitoring

Provides automatic and full visibility into your digital presence, uncovering known and unknown assets and access points. Attack Surface monitoring ensures ongoing and continuous visibility into how your organisation is perceived. Monitor the following:

  • Asset Discovery
  • Security Ratings
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring

Penetration Testing

Simulate a cyber-attack against your computer system to check for existing or potential vulnerabilities within your system. Web Application Penetration Testing for:

  • Internal & External Web Apps
  • API’s and Web Services
  • Open Source Security
  • Black & White Box
  • Attack Simulation
  • Advanced Reconnaissance.