Take Remote Control.

Supporting multiple remote systems in real time, faster, more secure and easy-to-use in any location.

Key Features of Take Remote Control

  • Remote Control Access

  • Always-on Remote Access

  • On-Time Instant Access

  • Access via Web

  • Platform Independent

  • Security

  • Scalable

  • File Transfer

  • Whiteboard

  • Play Sound Remotely

  • Invite to Collaborate

  • Record Remote Sessions

  • Drag and Drop¬†

  • Multi-to-multi Monitor

  • Logs and Reports

  • Compliance

Remote Control Access

Remote control access can keep you connected and in control over all your computer or office network computers, from anywhere at any time no location boundaries. Now employees can remotely away from the office while retraining access to a distant computer.

  • Connect to Multiple Computers – Have access to more than one computer at a time from the web-based interface that interacts with content or software running on a remote server through a Web browser.
  • File Transfer – Transfer small to large files between a remote device in real-time.
  • Security – Remote access is secure with encryption as well as a personal key as a second password.
  • No Software Requirements – Login and connect to your remote computer via the web without any unnecessary software installations that are needed.
  • Always-ON Remote Access – One remote access that takes complete control to configure all your remote computers over the internet.