Service and Help Desk

A Solution that can help better the productivity of your business by accelerating sales, increasing decision making and building customer relations.

Key Features of Service and Help Desk

  • Self Service

  • Agent Productivity

  • Automation

  • Extensibility

  • Insight and Impacts

  • Time Tracking

  • Security

  • Blueprints

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Ticket Management

Track customer request across channels, brands, products, departments and more. The following is features that you can get by using the right service/help desk product:

  • Multichannel – Allows your team to be available for your customers, whatever channel of communication they choose.
  • Multibrand – Be able to create a distinct self-service portal for each brand’s customer that you provide.
  • Multi-department – Organise your help desk that best reflect your company’s structure and policies.
  • Email – A simple email ticketing system that helps to convert customer emails into tickets as well as compile and organise them into a single place.
  • Telephone – Great for large teams. Connect customer service phones to your help desk platform and start associating calls with existing tickets or create new ones.
  • Social Media – Streamline your social media presence through your help desk, and respond to calls, emails, tweets, and post all in the same interface.
  • Live Chats – Be available for a customer instantly.