Remote Monitoring and Management.

A solution used by IT Professionals and MSP’s to provide IT maintenance and support that includes 3rd party patching and remote take control.
Increase your productivity and lessen stress without your increasing expenses.

Key Features of RMM

  • Automation:
    Automate repetitive IT tasks and automatically fix issues before it becomes a problem.

  • Remote Control:
    Have the ability to connect to all monitored computers and control any remote or console session from your desktop or mobile device.

  • Patching Management:
    Keep your IT environment secure and patched by utilising industry-leading patch management software for installing, uninstalling and updating your software.

  • Server Applications:
    Monitor and manage your server’s performance and uptime from anywhere, at any time.

  • Operating Mobile App:
    A full-featured mobile app that allows you to work on issues and keep your teams efficient.

  • Network Monitoring:
    Monitor and control all devices on your network.

IT Automation:

With our RMM product, we provide an IT automation workflow that gives you the upper hand in auto-resolving IT issues automatically as it takes place. With a built-in script engine that automatically manages operating systems and third-party applications, patches from anywhere at any time. The following is the features that you receive when automating your IT service:

  • Auto-remediation – Is an advance IT automation workflow technology, that provides you with the function to auto-resolve IT issues automatically as they happen.
    • Avoid unexpected downtime.
    • Alerts are resolved
    • Better time management
    • Visual workflow editor
  • Scripting Engine – It Enhances your workflow by using a built-in script engine that offers pre-written editable scripts and can create your own script for your devices.
    • Over 30 pre-written editable scripts supplied
    • Create your own customisable scripts for Windows and Linux
    • Batch, Powershell, VBScript and Bash supported
  • Automate Patch Management  – Create policies and schedules to automatically manage the Operating system and third-party application patches.
    • No delay in installing critical patches
    • Automatically manage all patching
    • Ensure that your network is always protected
    • Automatically identify all endpoints

Remote Control:

Remote control software that allows you to connect to all monitored computer and control any remote or console session from your desktop or a mobile device. With features just as built-in Mobile Remote Control, you can enable simple, reliable and fluid remote access to any monitoring systems. Access files, applications and control remote systems as of you were sitting right in front of them:

  • Secure and Easy File Transfer – You can now send and receive files from both the source and the destination computer.
  • Chat with users in real-time – Users can request support and collaborate with the person sitting in front of the remote computer.
  • Connect to any Active User Session  – Connecting to the console session allows you to have control of the computer as if you were sitting in front of it.
  • Multiple Screens – Choose the monitor that you want to view and switch between the available monitors whenever you want, during the session.

Patch Management:

Patch management allows you to automatically patch Windows and 3rd Party Applications using a cutting-edge patch management module that includes scan, install and update all systems and on-demand or schedule them to be updated automatically. Patch management helps you keep your IT environment secure and patched.

  • Third-Party Patching – Install, uninstall and patch all your third-party applications on schedule or on-demand.
  • Automated Patching – Automate your OS and Third-Party Patching by creating policies and schedules.
  • OS Patching  – Patching all operating systems and keep endpoints protected.

Operating Mobile App:

A full-featured mobile app that allows you to work on issues from anywhere at any time, allowing your team more efficient and importing the service to your users.

  • Network Operating Center in your hands.
  • Receive instant alerts
  • Check endpoint status in real-time.
  • Resolve problems immediately.
  • Remotely connect to any monitored endpoints.
  • Remotely access user’s applications and files.
  • View, edit and create support tickets.

Network Monitoring:

Have the ability to control all your devices. With this network monitoring feature, you can have visibility across your entire network and discovery of new devices as well as troubleshooting any problems.

  • Visibility across the network – Automatic discovery and diagramming, makes managing your network simple, intuitive and efficient.
    • Seamless integration with the RMM solution.
    • Automatic device discovery for total coverage.
    • Visualise your network with an intuitive topology map.
    • Auto-remote control to troubleshoot devices.
    • Automatically detect new devices to protect the network.
  • Discover – You can easily turn an existing agent into a probe that detects or identify all other agents in the network. You can then enrol any discovered device that you want to monitor.
    • Router
    • Switches
    • Firewalls
    • Load Balancers
    • Wireless Lan Controllers
    • Servers VMs
    • Printers
    • Storage Devices
    • Anything with an IP address
  • Troubleshoot – A simple colour-coded interface helps users quickly interpret network diagrams and identify errors and warnings. When being alerted to issues, you can use SSH to connect to a device to troubleshoot it – even from your mobile phone.

Server Management and Monitoring Software:

Monitor and manage your server’s performance and uptime from anywhere at any time. Get useful insight with real-time status of Active Directory, IIS, SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, VMWare, Hyper-V and more.

  • Manage Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services – RMM Solution integrates with Active Directory deployment without the need for any configuration or infrastructure changes.
    • Have access to the entire Active Directory forest.
    • New domains get automatically picked.
    • Get notified when a user gets locked out.
    • Enable, disable and reset the password.
    • Manage users group membership to add or remove security features.
  • Take Control of your Virtual Infrastructure – Hyper-V server module mobilises Microsoft Hyper-V management tools, that allows you to quickly take action without the need of computers.
    • Monitor your infrastructure.
    • Send commands and watch them get executed.
    • Send replication commands.
    • Watch the Virtual Machines’ Screen in real-time.
  • Monitor VMware Infrastructure  – Get insight into the real-time status of hypervisors and virtual machines. Get your virtual cloud monitored securely without firewall rules, expensive VPN connections or complicated process.
    • Manage Center and ESXi hypervisors.
    • Revert snapshot or create new ones.
    • Receive Center Alarms.
    • Manage Virtual Machines.
    • Watch virtual machines live console feed.
    • View systems logs in realtime.
  • Effortlessly Manage Microsoft Server – RMM Server Monitoring Software you can view the table data, execute queries, view logs and much more. Easily identify slow-running SQL queries, gain complete server visibility and do it all from one single dashboard.
    • Run SQL Queries.
    • Browse Tabes.
    • Start jobs and view logs.
    • Get notified on Deadlocks, Filled Databases.
    • Custom Query Filters.
  • Take Full Control of XeServer Monitoring – Effortlessly monitor your XenServer environment. Take advantage of seamless integration with CixXenServer and monitor the health and status of multiple virtualised environment and make use of features like vApps, Snapshots.
    • Monitor the memory usages.
    • Run and pause tasks on the go.
    • Task snapshots.
    • Monitor the CPU Usagse.
  • Monitor and Control Exchange – RMM solution can access all servers in the Database Availability Group (DAG). Get notifications when databases get mounted or dismounted, control replication queues and set limits. Gain ease of mind knowing that mailboxes are under control and that you can prevent issues before they impact users.
    • Get alerts about critical server health.
    • Monitor mailboxes.
    • Monitor database.
    • Manage transport settings.
    • One – Tap health test.