Paessler’s PRTG Network Monitor

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PRTG Network Monitor is Paessler’s all-in-one monitoring tool that allows its users to monitor their entire IT & IoT infrastructures. PRTG Network monitor helps systems administrators to gain visibility and control of their increasingly complex IT systems, alerting them to problems before users even notice.

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Features that Simplify Monitoring

The monitoring features that PRTG offers enables its users to monitor their entire IT infrastructure, trouble-free!
The entire feature set of PRTG is included in every license as well as the free trial.

  • Application performance management.

  • Monitor cloud & virtualized applications.

  • Receive prompt alerts for unusual network activities.

  • Monitor all SharePoint servers.

  • Calculate server workload and performance.

  • Have an overview of server status & performance.

  • Find weak spots with PRTG.

  • Receive prompt alarms.

  • Windows Event Log monitoring.

  • Cloud and online backups.

  • Operating system backups.

  • Virtual machines.

  • Monitor Citrix XenServer hosts.

  • Monitor virtual machines.

  • Alarm features for quick troubleshooting.

  • Monitor availability of mail servers.

  • Performance and delivery monitoring.

  • PRTG checks the contents of backup emails.

  • Monitor the availability and performance.

  • Ensure email delivery.

  • Set up Exchange server monitoring in 3 steps.

  • Monitor every aspect of your IIS servers.

  • Secure your web page performance.

  • IIS monitoring in PRTG comes out of the box.

  • Secure & thorough monitoring.

  • Automated alerts when threshold values exceed.

  • Customized Linux & Unix sensors for monitoring.

PRTG monitors:

  • Every detail of your virtual environments.

  • All aspects of Vmware and its performance data.

  • Windows event log monitoring.

  • Windows security monitoring.

  • User-defined sensors for individual needs.

  • PRTG keeps an eye on individual files.

  • Alerts in the event of changes to files.

  • Analyze file integrity.

PRTG monitors:

  • Citrix XenServer.

  • Hosts and VMs.

  • XenServer backups and log files.

  • Have a quick overview of all cloud services.

  • Use as your cloud managment tool.

  • Suitable for all cloud strategies – IAAS / SAAS / PAAS

  • All-inclusive monitoring for your Amazon Cloud infrastructure.

  • Use CloudWatch & PRTG for AWS monitoring.

  • Monitor and manage dockerized applications.

  • OPtimize the availability and performance of Docker containers.

  • All-inclusive Azure infrastructure monitoring.

  • Keep track of Azure resources with PRTG.

  • Prompt alerts for downtime or poor perfromance.

  • SQL Server monitoring tool.

  • Have all important SQL queries at a glance.

  • Preconfigured sensors for all major databases.

  • Avoid downtime, optimize performance.

  • Sensors available for different databases.

  • Complete overview of all your databses.

  • Complete MySQL database monitoring.

  • Pre-defined sensor for MySQL monitoring.

  • Quick and easy configuration of sensor.

  • PRTG monitors how your data is retrieved.

  • Automatic alerts in the event of database errors.

  • Evaluate your Oracle SQL database performance.

  • Keep an eye on all hardware devices in your network.

  • Receive prompt alerts before errors occur.

  • Monitor status & properties of your hardware.

PRTG monitors:

  • File servers and storage capacities.

  • The health of Synology NAS.

  • The status of logical & physical disks.

  • One tool to monitor all storage area networks.

  • Optimize the performance of SANs.

  • Prevent data loss and hardware malfunctions.

PRTG monitors:

  • Mail servers.

  • Web servers.

  • Database servers.

  • PRTG monitors Cisco devices out of the box.

  • Special sensors deigned for Cisco devices.

  • Increase network security and quality if service.

  • All-inclusive computer monitoring tool.

  • Ensure reliable systems.

  • Manage your computers & prevent crashes with PRTG.

  • Monitor Windows, Linux & Mac systems with PRTG.

  • Receive alerts about CPU and server bottlenecks at an early stage.

  • Prompt alerts before downtime occur.

  • Efficient use of resources.

  • Avoid traffic bottlenecks.

  • Complete sensors for Dell hardware monitoring.

  • Automatic alerts when threshold values are reached.

  • Gain full control of Dell hardware & servers.

  • Hard disk monitor for Windows, Linux & Unix systems.

  • Overview of all memory capacities on one dashboard.

  • Monitor all storage devices.

  • Early storage performance bottleneck detection.

  • All your physical, logical & cluster disks at a glance.

  • Switch hardware monitoring.

  • Traffic monitoring.

  • Automatic alerts in the event of errors.

  • Monitor paper, toner and more.

  • Always know the status of all your printers.

  • In-depth printer error messages at a glance.

  • Stay informed about your power systems’ status.

  • Monitor your Power Distribution Units via SNMP.

  • Monitor your power consumption.

  • One monitoring tool for all devices.

  • Monitor traffic with NetFlow v5, NetFlow v9 and SNMP.

  • Comprehensive network monitoring tool.

  • Monitor and manage your entire network.

  • PRTG uses SMP, WMI & Packet sniffing.

  • Spot overload times and potential bottlenecks.

  • Ensure efficient bandwidth usage.

  • Sort & analyze network traffic by address/applications.

  • Suitable for all sFlow-supported devices.

  • PRTG captures the data of sFlow packets.

  • Overview of captured data on one dashboard.

  • Monitoring of all inbound/outbound network traffic.

  • Constant firewall status updates

  • PRTG ensure the security of your network.

  • Complete and professional IP scanning software.

  • Use PRTG as your IP sniffer and IP traffic monitor.

  • IP check and ping IP with PRTG.

  • Monitor the quality of your VoIP connections.

  • Special sensors for Cisco IP SLA monitoring.

  • Optimize the quality of service of VoIP & your network.

  • Monitor network jitter.

  • Run jitter tests.

  • Keep an eye on VoIP and QoS

  • Complete LAN & WAN monitor.

  • Suitable to monitor all LAN devices and servers.

  • Pre-defoned sensors for other Flow technologies.

  • PRTG NetFlow Analyzer for bandwidth & traffic.

  • PRTG Support all NetFlow versions.

  • Suitable to analyze all important Flow protocols.

  • Open and closed port monitoring.

  • Bandwidth and traffic monitoring.

  • PRTG monitors connections using UDP & TCP protocols.

  • Centralized monitoring.

  • Agentless software.

  • Alarm feature included.

PRTG monitors:

  • URLs response time and reachability.

  • Entire websites or individual elements.

  • Access PRTG from any remote location.

  • URLs response time and reachability.

  • Entire websites or individual elements.

  • Cisco switch uptime monitoring.

  • Cisco switch traffic monitoring.

  • Cisco switch port monitoring.

  • Analyze your network bandwidth.

  • Detect bandwidth overloads.

  • Supports SNMP, WMI, Packet Sniffing and NetFlow.

  • Check the uptime of all servers including FTP server, mail server, DNS server, SQL server & virtual servers.

  • Includes a reporting system with statistics, chats…

  • PRTG measures server performance and bandwidth.

  • Identify bottlenecks.

  • Constant monitoring of system data.

  • Server availability monitoring.

  • Website availability monitoring.

  • Network availability monitoring.

  • Monitor the global distribution of traffic.

  • CDN response time monitoring.

  • Alerts in the event of fluctuations in traffic.

  • Monitor all your virtual servers.

  • A precise overview of your virtual environment.

  • Simplifies capacity planning.

  • Check the availability of all network devices with Ping.

  • Customizable and prompt notifications.

  • Quick overview and individualized dashboards.

  • Monitor the performance of your entire network.

  • Prompt alerts when performance level drops.

  • Identify bottlenecks.

  • Centralized threshold monitoring.

  • Customizable threshold values.

  • Quick and easy configuration.

  • Monitor all Netgear devices.

  • SNMP, sFlow and Syslog.

  • Alarm and reports included.

  • Identify the applications & servers that’s using up your bandwidth.

  • Can also be used as your SNMP trap receiver.

  • Monitor Microsoft servers & workstations with VMI.

  • Includes Hybrid Windows sensors using performance counters and WMI.

  • Integrated & flexible Active Directory monitoring tool.

  • Keep a constant eye on your entire domain forest.

  • Alerts when performance level drops.

  • Effective performance monitoring FTP servers.

  • Monitor through encrypted & unencrypted server connections.

  • Server monitoring via Secure Shell.

  • Secure and efficient server monitioring.

  • Monitor Unix-based systems via SSH monitoring.

  • PRTG uses SSL & TLS protocols to check devices.

  • Access PRTG monitoring data via SSL.

  • Import individual SSL certificates.

  • Monitor Windows patches & updates in your network.

  • Alerts in the events of faulty/incomplete updates.

  • QoS Monitoring & IP SLA Monitoring.

  • Monitor VoIP quality and run VoIP latency tests.

  • VPN connection monitoring.

  • Measure traffic, load & users.

  • Spot connection problems & suspicious traffic.

  • Availability monitoring of RESTful APIs.

  • PRTG display values from XML and JSON files.

  • PRTG displays up to 50 parameters per sensor.

  • QoS monitoring included

  • Cisco monitoring included.

  • Alarm system included.

  • Monitor your critical Windows services.

  • Receive notifications when there’s a disruption of services.

  • NTP Server monitoring.

  • Find source of errors more quickly.

  • Monitor bandwidth consumption and network traffic.

  • Router monitoring through SNMP, Packet Sniffer, NetFlow/sFlow/jFlow.

PRTG monitors:

  • Web server availability.

  • CPU, memory & web server performance.

  • Website and its load times.

  • Monitor medical equipment & class IT infrastructure.

  • Centralized monitoring through the extended PRTG REST custom sensor & data protocols.

  • Keep the monitoring of Smart Buildings simple while ensuring performance and reliability.

  • Measure the condition of buildings 24/7 with PRTG.

  • Monitor the health, status & conditions.

  • Dashboards with IT, OT & IIoT elements.

  • Visualize your entire IT, OT /IIoT infastructure.

PRTG includes all features required for monitoring IT environments in educational sectors with a complete overview of performance and availability.

  • Network and infrastructure monitoring.

  • Allows multi-level security monitoring.

  • Define thresholds to alert you before outage.

PRTg keeps monitoring government IT simple while ensuring performance, clarity & ease of use.

PRTG Pricing

All PRTG licenses support an unlimited number of users and include the entire feature-set. The licensing options are based on the number of monitored aspects (sensors) of devices and not the number of devices themselves. If you want to upgrade to a higher license you will only pay the price difference.

PRTG 500


1 Server Installation Perpetual License 500 Sensors.

PRTG 1000

Small & Medium Environments

1 Server Installation
Perpetual License
1,000 Sensors.

PRTG 2500

Medium-Sized Environments

1 Server Installation
Perpetual License
2,500 Sensors.

PRTG 5000


1 Server Installation
Perpetual License
5,000 Sensors.


Extra Large Environments

1 Server Installation
Perpetual License
Unlimited Sensors.

What is a Sensor?

In PRTG, sensors are the basic monitoring elements. One sensor usually monitors one measured value in your infrastructure, for example, the traffic of a switch port of the free space of a disk drive.

On average, you need about 5-10 sensors per server or one sensor per switch port.
All licenses of PRTG only differ by the maximum number of sensors that you can use for monitoring.
Note: When you buy one license now, you can upgrade to a larger one at any time by paying the price difference.

About devices and sensors:

  • For example, you can create a device that represents your firewall, a device that represents your Exchange server, and a device that represents your printer.

  • To each device, you can add one or more sensors.

  • Each sensor monitors one single aspect of a device. This can be, for example, the Ping time, the CPU load on a server, the traffic of a network interface, or the status of the toner cartridge.