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PRTG SLA Plugin.

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Enter your details and you will receive an email with your download link. There aren’t many settings to configure. Just download the installer and the rest is taken care of automatically.

The PRTG SLA Plugin offer an easy to configure interface. You only need to define your needed Service level Agreements, assign PRTG sensors to them and let it run. After collecting sufficient PRTG data, your SLA reports will be automatically built, allowing you to work with planned and unplanned intervals and to export the final reports to PDF.

With the PRTG SLA Plugin, you benefit in a number of ways:

  • Proactive monitoring

  • Better visibility of Service Level Agreement compliance

  • More efficient error identification and cause analysis

  • Variable reports on the use of the SQL Server Reporting Services and external reporting tools.

PRTG SLA Plugin v3 – New Features

Multiple PRTG Core Server Support

Combine data across multiple PRTG installations into a single SLA.

Multiple PRTG Core Server support

Groups and User

Now it’s possible to give access to specific SLA groups and /or company reports.

Groups and Users

Public reports

Each SLA could be enabled for public access to allow your customers or key person to view specific SLA reports with a direct link without authentication.

Public reports

Smart SLA object definition

With filters, you can now define rules for automatic SLA object inclusion. Any new sensor in PRTG fitting your rules is automatically included in your SLAs.

Smart SLA Object Definition

Free report range definition

Create an SLA report for any date range using custom date selection.

Free report range definition

Scheduled reports

Send reports on defined time for any reporting period to whomever you need.

Scheduled Reports