Project Management

A solution that helps you to plan your work, track it efficiently and collaborate with your team wherever they are with a cloud-based projects management tool.

Key Features of Project Management

  • Social Project Management

  • Charts and Reports

  • Time Tracking

  • Invoice Integration

  • Issue Tracking

  • Workflow

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Task Management

Break down a big project into easier manageable parts, allocate work to team members and specify the start and end dates. Automate task workflows by setting up blueprints for your projects. Review the progress from a variety of locations through the app, using dashboards. Receive the benefits of wonderful features like:

  • Tasks – Assign tasks to people and track their progress. Set due dates, priorities, and reminders. Break tasks with multiple steps, down into subtasks.
  • Milestones – Set major progress points along the timeline of your project. Set start and end dates when milestone should be reached and specify which team member is responsible to complete it.
  • Dependencies – Control the sequence in which tasks need to be completed, set dependencies between tasks, or view them on the Gannt chart or a dedicated dependency view.
  • Kanban – The Kanban board is a representation of the tasks that are placed as cards in different columns. The columns could represent anything from the percentage of the completion of the tasks, the priority of the tasks, or who the tasks belong to. Use a drag and drop option to organise the tasks and find out where what went wrong when the project falls behind.
  • CalendarBe able to see all the milestones, tasks, and bugs on the project calendar. Schedule events or meeting, to keep everyone up to date.
  • Blueprint – Have the ability to map out your entire workflow with no code as flowcharts. Automate tasks and notifications and set approval criteria by creating a project blueprint.