Why do you need network monitoring?

  • The Network Monitor solution that we offer allows you to monitor all your systems, devices, traffic and applications on your IT Network Infrastructure. Everything you need is contained in one application, no additional products or downloads are required.
  • The solution is a powerful and easy-to-use solution suitable for all business sizes
  • The solution covers the following aspects :
    • Application Monitoring
    • Network Discovery
    • Server and workstation Monitoring
    • Bandwidth Monitoring
    • Maps and Dashboards
    • Network Monitoring and alerts
    • Network Performance

Why choose our Network Monitoring Solutions?

Network monitoring is all about optimizing and maintaining your network’s health. While the main goal is to make sure that your network is running, network monitoring can be an excellent way of improving your network performance.

  • Are you experiencing IT outages?
  • Are you having difficulties hosting multiple user interfaces?
  • Do you think your network has a cluster failover?
  • Do you have real-time visuals on your network infrastructure?
  • Do you have an overview over your network infrastructure?
  • Do you struggle dealing with a configuration error or an abnormal traffic fluctuation?
  • Are you experiencing IT outages that are costing you a decrease in productivity?
  •  PRTG offers a quick overview of all cloud services

Key features that will assist with network monitoring:

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