Network and Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor all your systems, devices, traffic and applications on your network.
Everything you need is contained in one application, no additional products or downloads are required.

Key Features of Network Monitoring

  • Application Monitoring

  • Virtualisation Server Monitoring

  • Network Discovery

  • Server and Workstation Monitoring

  • Database Monitoring

  • Bandwidth Monitoring

  • Services and Performance Monitoring

  • Customisable Network Maps

  • Maps and Dashboards

  • In-Depth Reporting

  • SNMP Monitoring

Enter your details and you will receive an email with your login details to a 30-day free trial with more information on Network Monitoring.
Note that once the trial period has expired the systems will remain active for a 100 sensors.

Cloud Monitoring and Management

This tool is suitable for all your cloud monitoring and managing strategies. It enables you to have an overview of all your cloud services and provides an overall performance view. With this comprehensive cloud monitoring tool, you can create a cloud sensor to fit your needs and it provides reports on one single dashboard which can be read at a quick glance. This product allows you to monitor and manage the following:

  • Cloud HTTP v2 Sensor – For when you use certain cloud computing services in a variety of location worldwide, that will allow you to determine response times from all over the world.
  • VMware Monitoring – Used to monitor ESX/ESXI server performances.
  • Cloud Ping v2 Sensor – Allows for the monitoring of your services’ Ping times from all over the world.
  • Microsoft OneDrive Monitoring – OneDrive – online storage by Microsoft. Sensors that display how much storage space you have available and punctually alerts you whenever your storages loom, OneDrive API is used for this feature.
  • Dropbox Monitoring – Dropbox API can conveniently display the amount of free storage space (in bytes and percentages) you still have left.
  • Google Analytics Monitoring – Google Analytics sensor accesses the Google API to gather the most important data.
  • Google Drive Monitoring – The Google Drive sensor accesses the Google API directly and displays the total amount of remaining storage space (in bytes and percentage).
  • Mail Server Monitoring – For companies that use a wide variety of e-mail provides. When the system is down, the IT manager’s telephone rings immediately.
  • Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring – This is a frequently used monitoring service for Amazon Web Services (AWS). This sensor is for those with multiple Amazon accounts and wants to avoid the constant switching between accounts and prefer to implement an independent local monitoring tool.
  • Personal Cloud Sensor – Create a sensor that will fit your personal requirements.

Network Monitoring and Alerts

This product follows and analyses your network and requires no 3rd party software, you can download and install the product on-premises. The setup includes a first automatic configuration and a built-in interactive guidance dialogue that leads you through the whole process of monitoring. When any of the following events are triggered:

  • Sensor Status Changes
  • Sensor value threshold breaches
  • Speed threshold breaches
  • Volume Threshold breaches
  • Sensor value changes

A notification will inform you with alerts whenever a defined status is discovered. With the alerts, you can define an unlimited number of notifications using one or more of the following notification methods:

  • Sending an email
  • Adding an Entry to Event Log
  • Executing an HTTP Action
  • Executing a Program
  • Sending a Syslog Message
  • Sending an SNMP Trap
  • Send an Amazon Simple Notification Service Message
  • Assign a ticket
  • Sending a Push notification
  • Send a Microsoft Teams message
  • Sending a Slack message
  • Sending an MQTT Publish notification