Network and IOT Monitoring

Gain deep insight into your IT infrastructure and network issues with a reliable and proven network monitoring solution. This affordable & easy-to-use solution provides you with all-inclusive features for unlimited distributed monitoring while assisting in ensuring cost-effective and efficient IT operations.
It is an agentless network monitoring solution that allows the monitoring of all areas of IT which is suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries.

What you can monitor:

  • Industry Monitoring
    IT monitoring in specific industries.
  • Performance
    Monitor the performance of your entire network.
  • Application
    Have control over all your applications in your network.
  • Hardware
    Keep an eye on all your hardware devices in your network.
  • Database
    Eliminate downtime while optimizing performance.

  • Network
    Have an overview of all properties for any device in your network.
  • Service
    Avoid performance bottlenecks and deliver quality services.

Industry Monitoring

Monitoring the IT in your industry

All industries has its own monitoring requirements and this monitoring tool offers everything you need to monitor your business IT and more – regardless of the industry.

Monitoring your Healthcare & IT Infrastructure

Modern hospitals are highly digitalized where the availability of patient data is at the core of this digitalization. Classic IT & healthcare IT must work together and need centralized monitoring. This solution keeps monitoring simple while ensuring performance, clarity and ease of use.

  • Customizable dahboard

  • Monitor multiple sites

  • RESTful API

  • Alert system

  • Healthcare sensors & data security

Industrial IT Monitoring
Made Easy

IT/OT convergence, Industry 4.0 and increased digitalization shape the way the production department connects and interacts with IT. This interconnectivity makes it vital to have a unified overview of your entire infrastructure.

  • Out-of-the-box support for common industrial standards & protocols.

  • Get factory floor data and IIoT from industrial getaways.

  • Monitor industrial ethernet devices.
  • Dashboards that include IT, OT and IIoT elements.

Monitoring IT Environments In Education Sectors

Educational institutions rely heavily on a functioning & high-performance IT infrastructure. By implementing this solution you will have a comprehensive overview of the performance and availability of the IT infrastructure. This solution offers all features needed to monitor IT environments in educational sectors.

  • Alerts in the event of error or failures.
  • Notification about unusual occurrences.
  • Data basis for medium-term and long-term IT optimization.

Monitoring Financial IT Infrastructure

Financial IT includes the networks, infrastructure, systems and applications needed by financial institutions & service providers. Digitalization in the financial sector and its IT systems has increased so it’s vital that these are available, stable and secure.

  • Monitor your infrastructure security on multiple levels.
  • Monitor distributed environments.
  • Easily integrate all systems and hardware.
  • Define thresholds to alert you.

The Solution For Monitoring Government IT

E-Government describes the use of technical resources to provide public services. Both internal and citizen services rely heavily on an available and high-performance network. For this to happen, IT needs the appropriate information.

  • All required features are included for monitoring.

  • Monitor multiple locations.
  • Define your own thresholds to trigger notifications before outages occur.
  • Monitor all types of security tools.

Monitoring Buildings With a One Solution

Modern buildings are very digitalized and the availability of building data is the key to this digitalization. Monitoring building states can make real estate more profitable and enhance the quality of life for the residents.

  • Easy setup
  • Manage all devices.

  • Important monitoring insights.

  • Reliable alerts and notifications.

  • In-depth and customizable reports.


Optimize your network performance

Centralized network performance monitoring tool that monitors the performance of your entire network, alerts you when performance levels drop, identifies bottlenecks and gives you the ability to upgrade your network to meet your own specific needs.

Monitor the following with this tool:

  • Bandwidth Monitoring

  • Availability Monitoring

  • Virtual Server Monitoring

  • Packet Loss Monitoring

  • Website Load Test

  • Response Time Monitoring

  • Uptime Monitoring

  • Bandwidth Management

  • Windows Performance Counter

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Threshold Monitoring

  • Network Performance Test

  • Server Performance Monitoring

  • CDN Monitoring

  • Ping Monitoring

  • Network Usage Monitoring

  • Free Bandwidth Monitoring

  • Netgear Monitoring

Predefined or Custom Sensors to Monitor Your Entire Network’s Performance:


All-in-one application manager

Keep control over all your applications by having a concise overview on individual dashboards and detailed statistics about every application running in your network while receiving prompt alerts whenever a defined status is discovered which will allow you to react quickly before problems become severe.

Two different kinds of application management:

Have access to monitoring the following:

  • Log Monitoring

  • SharePoint Monitoring

  • Application Monitoring

  • Backup Monitoring

  • Citrix Monitoring

  • Email Monitoring

  • Linux Monitoring

  • Mail Server Monitoring

  • Syslog Analyzer

  • VMware Monitoring

  • Windows Server Monitoring

  • Operating System Monitoring

  • Exchange Monitoring

  • Hyper-V Monitoring

  • IIS Monitoring

  • File Monitoring

  • XenServer Monitoring

  • Free Syslog Server


Hardware monitoring made easy

Keep an eye on all your devices in your network by monitoring the status and properties of all devices, receive alerts before any hardware errors occur and ensure more stable work processes.

Hardware monitoring tool includes the monitoring of the following:

  • Synology Monitoring

  • Server Monitoring

  • Computer Monitoring

  • Data Centre Monitoring

  • Fortinet¬† Analyzer

  • Humidity Monitoring

  • Memory Monitoring

  • NAS Monitoring

  • Hardware Scanner

  • Cisco Router Monitoring

  • SAN Monitoring

  • Server Room Monitoring

  • CPU Usage Meter

  • Dell Monitoring

  • Hardware Monitoring

  • IBM Monitoring

  • Storage Monitoring

  • Printer Monitoring

  • SNMP Server

  • TP-Link Monitoring

  • Server Health Monitoring

  • Cisco Monitoring

  • CPU Monitoring

  • Hard Drive Monitoring

  • HP Monitoring

  • Linksys Monitoring

  • Switch Monitoring

  • UPS Monitoring

  • CPU Temperature Monitoring

  • Gateway Monitoring


Your entire database at a glance

Assists in avoiding downtimes while optimizing performance by providing you with an overview of all your database, monitor’s specific datasets from your databases and offers predefined sensors for every important database manufacturer.

Includes the monitoring of:

  • SQL Monitoring

  • MySQL Monitoring

  • Database Monitoring

  • Oracle Monitoring

Predefined sensors for the following databases:


Manage your network on a higher level

Have an overview of all properties for any device in your network while monitoring every aspect of your network to locate and avoid network errors proactively.

Monitor the following in your network:

  • Packet Sniffing Software

  • Firewall Monitoring

  • IPFIX Monitoring

  • Wifi Monitoring

  • Network Diagnosis

  • Network Optimization

  • Network Traffic Monitoring

  • Realtime Monitoring

  • Latency Monitoring

  • Network Management

  • IP Scanner

  • Network Audit

  • Free Server Monitor

  • Network Performance Test

  • Virtual Machine Monitoring

  • jFlow Monitoring

  • IP Monitoring

  • Jitter Monitoring

  • Network Activity Monitoring

  • Network Discovery Tool

  • Network Security Monitoring

  • Packet Capture Tool

  • Network Utility Monitoring

  • WAN Monitoring

  • URL Monitoring

  • Free Network Monitoring

  • Response Time Monitoring

  • Remote Work Monitoring

  • Network Bandwidth Test

  • Monitoring Systems

  • sFlow Monitoring

  • Ip SLA Monitoring

  • LAN Monitoring

  • NetFlow Monitoring

  • Network Mapping

  • Network Speed Tool

  • Port Monitoring

  • Trace Network Traffic

  • Internet Monitoring

  • Netgear Monitoring

  • Network Fault Management

  • Network Troubleshooting

  • Enterprise Monitoring

  • Hospital Computer Monitoring

  • Cisco Switch Monitoring


Deliver better quality of service to your users by being proactive

Find out what application and servers are using up your bandwidth, reduce costs by buying bandwidth and hardware according to actual load while avoiding performance bottlenecks.

Service Monitoring includes the following:

  • SNMP Monitoring

  • Active Directory Auditing

  • SSH Monitoring

  • VoIP Monitoring

  • Website Monitoring

  • REST API Monitoring

  • NTP Monitoring

  • DNS Monitoring

  • WMI Monitoring

  • Active Directory Monitoring

  • SSL Monitoring

  • VPN Monitoring

  • MIB Browser

  • QOS Monitoring

  • Remote Monitoring

  • DHCP Monitoring

  • SNMP Trap Receiver

  • FTP Monitoring

  • Update Patch Monitoring

  • Webserver Monitoring

  • SNMP Port Analyzer

  • Windows Service Monitoring

  • Router Monitoring

  • MOS Monitoring


Professional cloud-based monitoring software

Keep a constant eye on all your cloud services with this cloud monitoring tool. this tool can be used as your cloud management tool and provide you with a quick overview of all your cloud services as well as promptly alerts for potential issues.

Pre-customised for many cloud management services with the following sensors highlights:

  • Cloud HTTP v2 Sensor

  • Mail Server Monitoring
  • Cloud Ping v2 Sensor

  • Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring

  • Azure Sensors

  • Microsoft OneDrive Monitoring

  • Dropbox Monitoring

  • Google Analytics Monitoring

  • Google Drive Monitoring

  • VMware Monitoring

Suitable for all cloud strategies: