Understand, monitor and visualise your entire network infrastructure like never before.

Africa Solution Distributor gears network specialists with the right solutions that can help give them complete insight into their entire network infrastructures and IoT-based technology.

Network Monitoring

Flexible network monitoring solution that is in high demand to help companies monitor their entire network infrastructure and your computer systems are running smoothly.

  • Monitor everything from systems, devices, applications, traffic, servers, LANs, websites, services and more.
  • Automatic network discovery.
  • Maps and dashboards with real-time status.
  • Custom alerts and notifications.
  • Customisable reports
  • Distributed monitoring

IoT Monitoring

Digitalisation with IoT-based condition monitoring by combining IoT sensor technology with monitoring solutions to support the digitalization of your processes.

  • Machines Monitoring

  • Energy Monitoring

  • Water Monitoring

  • Emissions Monitoring

  • Monitor specific aspects from the output of devices via SNMP.

Network Maps

Gain insight into your entire network with automated network maps in Web and Visio for fast overview and documentation of simple or complex network topologies.

  • Agentless network discovery & Inventory.

  • Easy-to-understand network diagrams.

  • Automated network maps in Web.

  • Automated network maps in Visio.

  • View switch port connections.

  • Documenting network infrastructure.

  • Simplify complex network topology.

Cloud-Based Network Monitoring

Cloud-based network monitoring solution that is flexible when it comes to monitoring your entire IT infrastructure.

  • Central monitoring of everything from systems, devices, applications, traffic more.
  • Monitor Azure and AWS.
  • All-in-one SaaS monitoring.
  • Automatically check for updates and backups.
  • Billing monthly or annually on a subscription basis and scales with your requirements.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor your entire IT infrastructure with a monitoring solution that can work for any size environment, on-premises or cloud-based.

  • Application monitoring.

  • Cloud monitoring.

  • Database monitoring.

  • Hardware monitoring.

  • Network monitoring.

  • Performance monitoring.

  • Service monitoring.

  • Technology monitoring.

  • Mobile probe monitoring.
  • Monitoring WiFi coverage.

  • Monitor WAN, firewalls, routers and switches.

Understand your network inside and out by increasing the knowledge, visibility and reliability of your network infrastructure.

Monitor, map and control your network with the right solutions.

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