Network Discovery, Maps and Inventory Audits

A network discovery tool that is suitable for handling all of your network management needs. By using features such as inventory audits, network mapping and more you will be able to get accurate information regarding the hardware and software within your network.


Discover the inventory and assets in your corporate network by only using a discovery engine.


Gain everything you need and want to see in your network through network inventory.


Provide instant network maps in Visio and web for fast overviews and documentation.


Automated network monitoring system, that uses multi-reading and staggered polling.

What you can do with network discovery, maps & inventory audits:

  • Agentless network discovery
  • Automation of hardware and software inventory
  • Tracking of all IT assets in one place
  • Visualization of entire enterprise with probes
  • Maps in web and Visio

  • Visualization of all existing relationships between devices within your network

  • Network alerts and External alerts
  • Inventory ITIL

  • Automated network monitoring system

  • Probe architecture