Discover and track the hardware, software and users in your entire network infrastructure like never before.

Have complete visibility of your IT Asset Estate – manage, track, discover and automatically create a detailed inventory of software and hardware.

IT Asset Management

Gain complete visibility of your IT Asset Estate by discovering, analysing and connecting your IT, OT, and IoT assets all in one place

  • Track all your software and hardware assets.

  • Analyse and reduce IT risks.

  • Leverage data through API-based integrations.

  • Cloud and OT Discovery.

  • Asset Location Tracking.

  • Asset Uptime Tracking.

  • Asset Lifecycle Management

Network Discovery and Inventory

Automatically create a detailed inventory of all the software and hardware without using agents.

  • Agentless network discovery.

  • Agentless network inventory.

  • Managed Devices.

  • Filtering Network Asset Database.

  • Monitoring of the network as it learns what devices and links are present.
  • Enable SNMP and/or WMI, to make your discoveries detailed and informative.
  • Ease scalability with any operations.

Set the foundation for efficient IT management

For any IT scenario

  • Discover & Inventory of IT Assets

  • Discover & Inventory of OT Assets

  • Replace Inventory Spreadsheets

  • Enhance Cybersecurity

  • Improve CMDB Data Quality

  • Achieve Service Desk Excellence

  • Track IT assets throughout the lifecycle

  • Keep track of obsolete and unsupported assets.

Simplify the workforce of IT admins worldwide

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