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Discover all the powerful features of Infrascale that can help prevent disasters when downtimes,  failures or ransomware infections occur by protecting your data with encryption and backup your data either on-premise or in the cloud.

Limited Downtime
Reduce your downtime when disaster hits your site, whether it is planned or not. 15-minutes failover can bring your systems back online via our cloud.

Effortless Deployment
Solutions can be deployed quickly, with an intuitive UI. Set up your data protection needs easily behind a single plane of glass, all centrally managed in one dashboard.

Use case
Mitigate ransomware, protect against disaster or simply keep your data safe, learn how our online backup and disaster recovery solution can meet your data protection needs.

Key features of Infrascale:

Key Capabilities of Infrascale

Flexible Data Protection
Set up and manage your data protection requirements. Protect your critical data on all your major operating systems and virtual machine environments

  • Automatic Active-Passive Replication
  • Agentless Backup
  • Central Backup Management
  • Comprehensive Support

Cloud-Based Backup
Secure, backup and store any critical information and data straight into the cloud, have quick access to your files and data whenever a disaster takes place.

  • Data Protection
  • Unlimited Version History
  • Secure Encryption
  • Trusted Cloud

Endpoint Backup
Backup your mobile workforce and provide your IT organization with the ability to manage all of their devices to assist with data protection.

  • Roaming Endpoint Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Centralised Management
  • Automated Processes

Disaster Recovery
Backup and recover your data and business processes, avoid downtime, hardware fails or ransomware infections on your systems.

  • Rapid Failover from Anywhere
  • Boot on the Application or in the Cloud
  • Customise your DRaaS Processes
  • Reduce Hardware Cost

Data Security & Encryption
Data encryption can allow you to have advanced security on your data during the move to the cloud.

  • Triple-Layer Encryption
  • Source Encryption
  • Transit Encryption
  • Rest Encryption

Ransomware Mitigation
Prevent crypto-ransomware from infecting your systems and user blackmail by never being caught off guard with anomaly detection to alert you whenever ransomware is detected.

  • Button Failover
  • Locate Point of Infection
  • Restore Data after Infection