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Discover all the powerful features of Infrascale that can help prevent disasters when downtimes,  failures or ransomware infections occur by protecting your data with encryption and backup your data either on-premise or in the cloud.

Key Features of Infrascale

Flexible Data Protection:

Fast and effortlessly set up and manage your data protection solutions in one unified console that helps mitigate downtime, server crashes, ransomware attacks, or natural disasters. So, you can get one with what matters to you – running your business.

Data Protection Appliances are available as physical or virtual appliances both with cloud storage included. Online backup and disaster recovery solution appliances protect data on all major operating systems and virtual machine environments found in enterprise computing environments.

Features and Functions:

  • Provides full backup of your data with version history that lets you go back to any previous backup date you choose.
  • A powerful and easy to use administrator’s dashboard makes it simple to manage.
  • Automatic active-passive replication where a primary physical or virtual appliance backup data at one site and replicates that backed up data to a second passive physical or virtual appliance at a second site, or to the cloud.
  • Automatic active replication where each site has a primary physical or virtual appliance that backs up that site and a passive appliance that receives a backup of the other site’s primary appliance.
  • Agentless or “host level” backup of virtual machines, so you can back up virtual machines without requiring any software to be installed on the individual virtual machines.
  • Administrators can centrally manage the backup of any device.
  • Agent-based backup of physical servers, regardless of the virtual platform, operating system or type of storage.
  • Comprehensive support for all major server operating systems.
  • Removable archive drive enables to remove a hard drive from the physical appliance and store it off-site in a secure location.

Cloud-Based Backup:

Cloud backup will secure, backup and store any critical information and data straight into the cloud, as well as keeping files and data quickly available in any event of a system failure or natural disaster that can take place.

The following is the features to expect with Cloud-Based Backup:

  • Protection to All Data – Cloud Backup Supports operating systems and protects servers, workstations laptop, and mobile devices.
  • Unlimited Version History – Cloud backup includes Anomaly Detection that notifies you when the changed files count transcends a specified outset. These early warnings limit the amount of damage inflicted by ransomware while also pinpointing the time of infection.
  • Secure Encryption – Files get encrypt with AES256 bit encryption before transferring over a secure SSL to a data centre. Data get encrypt with our data centres and for your security and privacy, we offer UltrasafeMAX and double-blind encryption, and only you would have access to decrypt data.
  • Trust with Cloud – Our cloud backup saves all information into the cloud as well as easy access, management, and recovery of your data from any device via our online web portal — log in from any browser.
  • Protection for Remote Users and Branch Offices – With Cloud Backup it protects mobile devices and laptops for remote users and branch offices as well as protect all of your data no matter where you are located.

EndPoint Backup:

For laptops and mobile devices, this product provides backup to your mobile workforce and provides any IT organisation with the ability to manage all of their devices to assist with data protection.

  • Roaming EndPoint Protection – Protects all your mobile devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones as well as your servers both physical and virtual, make use of a single solution to protect all device types. Have the ability to perform backups without the disruptions of poor Wi-Fi or cellular data connections. Optimize performance with advanced technology that allows for continuous protection even with low bandwidth.
  • Data Loss Prevention– Locate lost or stolen devices anywhere in the world with the best virtual software, that makes use of the mobile device’s IP address. This provides you with the ability to delete any business-critical data on the stolen or lost device by a push of a button using a remote device.
  • Centralized Management – Reduce the load on your IT resources by using a dashboard that provides you with protection and control when it comes to your mobile devices. The dashboard assists you in managing:
    • All device backups
    • Automated Processes like installation and mass deployment
    • The creation of global policies, alerts and reports that can provide full IT data visibility, to easily configure and monitor backups as well as restoring data.

Disaster Recovery:

Backup and recover your data, as well as critical business processes that manage your data. It helps to avoid downtime when disaster strikes, hardware fails or ransomware infects your systems. Recover your data and systems instantly by start-up virtual machine replicas locally or in the cloud.

  • Rapid failover from anywhere – Have the ability to do failovers on a single virtual machine, multiple applications, a whole network and either a local site or in the cloud.
  • Boot on the application or in the cloud– Have a failover in place within minutes for when disaster strikes on any single virtual machines, applications, your whole network and the local site or cloud you use with no extra cost.
  • Build your DR your way – Decide how you want to deploy failover within your business. Our DRaaS solution can be delivered a physical or virtual appliance that includes DR software and flexible cloud storage targeting.

Backups for servers & applications:

Every business deserves and needs to be protected. You can protect your business by doing backups and protecting your data by using encryption that can help prevent disaster from happening to your critical data when downtime, failures or attacks happens to your business.

Data Protection – Data backup is the process of securing important information from corruption, compromise or loss. The importance of data protection increases as the amount of data created and stored continues to grow at unprecedented rates.

There are three ways you can backup your servers and applications: Direct-to-cloud, On-premises or Hybrid.

  • Technological Superiority – Intelligent deduplication, bare metal imaging, blazing fat appliance and cloud boot, and more loaded into an extremely easy to use dashboard.
  • Your Environment, Covered– Physical servers, application servers, virtual machines, you name it and it’s covered by our Online Backup and Disaster Recovery solution.
  • Sever Backup done your way – Replicate directly to the cloud, on-premise appliances, or take a hybrid approach.

Data Security & Encryption:

Encryption that allows you to move to the cloud with confidence. Don’t waste money and resources securing the perimeter of your business, why leave your data unprotected during failover, backups and archiving? We have triple-layer encryption so that you can move to the cloud with advanced security.

  • Data always with you – Triple-level encryption and top-tier data centre are how we secure data during failover, backup and archiving. No hardware required.
  • Triple Encryption– Data gets encrypted at the source, transferred with a secure connection and then encrypted again when going into the cloud.
  • Only visible to your eyes – You get an encryption key, that will make the keeper of the key the only one that will be able to view and decrypt the files in the cloud.

Ransomware Mitigation:

Ransomware is the type of malware that prevents or limited users from accessing their systems either by locking the system’s screen or locking the user’s files unless a ransom is paid. More modern ransomware families, collectively categorised as crypto-ransomware, encrypt certain file types on infected systems and forced users to pay the ransom through certain online payment methods to get the decryption key.

Application failover – Ransomware is made to infect networks rapidly and initiating file encryption in a matter of seconds. The moment ransomware starts to infect mission-critical applications and databases, you will need a solution that can restore your systems in minutes.

  • Button Failover – Boot up virtual machines from an on-premises appliance or from your private cloud in minutes.
  • Locate the point if infection – Quickly browse disk images to determine the time of infection any by restoring a backup to that point in time.
  • Restore on stressful situations – This helps to simply and quickly recover from anything unexpectedly happening caused by ransomware by stopping any infection or attacks before any data gets lost.

Anomaly Detection – Anomaly detection will always ensure that you will never be caught off guard. Anomaly is an early warning system that enables companies to quickly resolve a ransomware infection and recover important data before the entire network comes to a stop. With Anomaly detection within your files, any changes or moving of files will be monitored and you will receive an automatic email alert and anomaly warning.