Date: September 28th, 2022
Time: 12:00pm (GMT+2)

How Zendesk can better your customer service experience

Need to improve your customer experience?

Get a first-hand look with Africa Solution Distributor and Zendesk to see how the right customer service solution can set up your team for success, by simplifying and bettering your customers’ experience.

In a 60-minute live demo, you will see all the benefits Zendesk can provide your ever-growing business, including making it easy for customers to interact with your business, multi-channel support, and setting up a unified workspace to allow your teams to respond effectively and efficiently.

Sounds interesting? Register now to save a seat and not miss out on how to better your business’s customer experience.


  • Hennie Moolman – CEO & Founder of Africa Solution Distributor
  • Adam Hart – Senior Partner Sales  Executive at Zendesk


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