Endpoint Protection

Protect against security threats when it comes to your corporate networks.
Use Endpoint protection to protect all computer networks that can remotely bridge devices.

Key Features of EndPoint Protection

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EndPoint Backup:

For laptops and mobile devices, this product provides backup to your mobile workforce and provides any IT organisation with the ability to manage all of their devices to assist with data protection.

Roaming EndPoint Protection:

Protects all your mobile devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones as well as your servers both physical and virtual, make use of a single solution to protect all device types. Have the ability to perform backups without the disruptions of poor Wi-Fi or cellular data connections. Optimize performance with advance technology that allows for continuous protection even with low bandwidth.

Data Loss Prevention:

Locate lost or stolen devices anywhere in the world with the best virtual software, that makes use of the mobile device’s IP address. This provides you with the ability to delete any business-critical data on the stolen or lost device by a push of a button using a remote device.

Centralized Management:

Reduce the load on your IT resources by using a dashboard that provides you with protection and control when it comes to your mobile devices. The dashboard assists you in managing:

  • All device backups
  • Automated Processes like installation and mass deployment.
  • The creation of global policies, alerts and reports that can provide full IT data visibility, to easily configure and monitor backups as well as restoring data.