Customer Relationship Management

Manage and analyse your interactions with past, present and future customers to help improve relationships with customers.

Key Features of CRM

  • Lead Management

  • Deal Management

  • Quotes and Finance

  • Account Management

  • Workflows

  • Approval Process

  • Assignment Rules

  • Self-Service Portals

  • Analytics Dashboards

  • Customised Reports

  • KPI/Funnel Reporting

  • Marketing Automation

  • Mobile CRM App

Sales Force Automation

Is a wonderful feature that can help your sales team by automating routine sales, marketing, and support functions that take up valuable work time, and provide more time for the sales team to focus on the customer. With the correct product, the following sales force processes can be automated:

  • Lead Management – Automate lead generation from multiple sources; like websites, chats, social media and trade shows. Nurture your leads by ensuring the proper follow-up activities to move leads through the sales pipeline.
  • Deal Management – Visualise your deal pipeline in multiple ways be able to analyse your past unsuccessful deals and get useful insights and reduce the chances of losing valuable deals.
  • Account Management – Have all your account-based information in one place. Have a complete overview of a company’s contacts deals, and tasks in one place.
  • Contact Management – Manage contacts, keep track of all interactions with contacts and communicate from within your CRM.
  • Workflow Rules Automate all operational and data entry tasks as well as sending emails notifications, creating tasks, and updating fields.
  • Macros – Set triggers for routine activities that can be executed manually. With a single click, you can send emails simultaneously, update records and create tasks.
  • Assignment Rules – For large sales teams, assign leads to the best rep for the job based on zip code, the product of interest, lead score and your business-specific criteria.
  • Forecasting – Filter through your past and current sales trends and get accurate sales forecasts.
  • Sales Analytics – With customised dashboards with analytics widgets for sales, such as charts, target meters, KPIs, and funnels.

Sales Forecasting

Get a realistic prediction of your future sales revenue. CRM that combs through all your CRM data from past and current sales trends and provides you with accurate sales forecasts. Break down the forecast based on individual sales reps, teams or geographical territories based on past deals. Data-driven insight that allows sale managers to set more realistic targets and run more profitable campaigns. Set targets and track progress:

  • Track Sales Performance – Break down your entire forecast, be more accurate by accounting for completed sales, current targets, deals about to be closed and shortages in the sales pipeline.
  • Identify the achievers – Use the summary of the forecast and be able to identify star performers and determine the strength of each sale team based on the targets they have achieved.
  • Accurate insights through dashboards – Visualize targets and achievements by territory through reports and dashboards. Compare sales from current quarters, and set realistic targets for the future.