Codima Network Discovery

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Codima is a Network Discovery tools that’s suitable all your network management needs. With the Codima trial you will be able to discover accurate information about all the hardware and software for your Network Invenroty, without the need of agents.

Toolbox 1
Network Inventory

Toolbox 2
Network Inventory with Maps in Web & Vision

Toolbox 3
Network Inventory with Maps in Web & Visio and Alert Ticketing

Key Features of Codima:

  • Agentless Network Discovery Tool

  • Automate Hardware & Inventory

  • Keep track of all IT assets in one place

  • Visualize your entire enterprise with probes
  • Maps in Web & Visio

  • See all existing relationships between devices in your network

  • Network & External Alerts

  • Inventory ITIL

  • Automated Network Monitoring System

  • Probes Architecture