Online Backup and Disaster Recovery

Get an all-in-one cloud backup and disaster recovery solution, that provides a secure process of backing up your critical data online this process will ensure that all your endpoints, data and servers are secure and protected at all times. Have the ability to recover your systems whenever unexpected disasters lead to downtime, system failures or corruption.

What is the Difference?

Online Backup

Backup is the process of making an extra copy of data, you back up data to protect it. You might need to restore backup data if you encounter an accidental deletion, database corruption, or a problem with a software upgrade. So it’s important that have a backup solution in place because doing backups helps protect your data against any theft, employee accidents or technical issues. With this protection, you will be able to access a copy of your data and restore it easily.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a process for quickly reestablishing access to applications, data and IT resources after an outage. That plan might involve switching over to a redundant set of servers and storage systems until your primary data centre is functional again. A disaster can be when your entire network crashes and your employees can no longer work for the day (or longer). With a disaster recovery solution, your employees will always continue to work by using the mirrored system and by ensuring your business continuity.

Why you need Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a direct-to-cloud endpoint backup solution that secures and protects your business’s data and applications by storing them on a remote server.

How cloud backup can protect your endpoint data:



Easy to manage

Why you need Disaster Recovery

Backup, recover and manage your data according to your business’s processes. Spin up virtual machines or physical server either locally or in the cloud to protect your data from any disasters.

The features and benefits of Disaster Recovery:

Local Backup & Recovery

Recover from the cloud

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Features

Endpoint Backup for Data Protection

Endpoint backup is the process of transferring information to data centres for safekeeping. Instead of backing up data to an external hard drive, cloud backup sends the data to a secure offsite facility for safekeeping.

Cloud-Based Backups

Cloud backup will secure, backup and store any data and critical information straight into the cloud. With these files and data in the cloud, it will allow for quick availability for restoring your systems in the event of any system failures or natural disasters that can occur.

The following is the features you can expect with cloud-based backups:

Data Security and Encryption

Encryption that allows you to move data to the cloud with confidence. Don’t waste money and resources securing the perimeter of your business, why leave your data unprotected during failover, backups and archiving? We have thriple-layered encryption so that you can move your data to the cloud with advance level security.

Types of encryption you can expect:

Backups for Servers and Applications

Every business needs to have the ability to protect its critical information. By encrypting their data and doing regular backups to the cloud these protective measures can prevent any disaster from slowing your business down; so whenever downtime, systems failures or attacks happens to your business you can recover your critical data within minutes.

Data Protection: Data backup is the process of securing important information from being corrupted, compromised or getting lost. The importance of data protection increases as the amount of data created and stored continues to grow at unprecedented rates.

There are three ways you can backup your servers and application: Direct-to-cloud, On-premises or Hybrid.

Flexible Data Protection

Set up and manage your data protection processes in one unified console that helps prevent downtime, server crashes, ransomware attacks or natural disasters.

Data protection appliances are available as physical or virtual appliances both with the cloud storage included. Online backup and disaster recovery solution protects the data of appliances on all major operating systems and virtual machines environments found in enterprise computing environments.

Features and Functions:

  • Provides the full backup of your data with version history that lets you go back to any previous backup data.

  • Manage from a powerful and easy to use administrator dashboard.

  • Automatic active-passive replication where a primary physical or virtual appliance backup data at one site and replicates that backed up data to a second passive physical or virtual appliance at a second site or to the cloud.

  • Agent-based backup of physical servers, regardless of the virtual platforms, operating system or type of storage.

  • Administrators can centrally manage the backup of any device.

  • Agentless or “host level” backup of virtual machines, so you can back up virtual machines without requiring any software to be installed on the individual virtual machines.

  • Automatic active replication where each site has a primary physical or virtual appliance that backs up that site and a passive appliance that receives a backup of the other site’s primary appliance.

  • Comprehensive support for all major server operating systems.

  • Removeable archive drive enables to remove a hard drive from the physical appliance and store it off-site in secure location.

Ransomware Mitigation

Ransomware is the type of malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their systems either by locking the system’s screen or locking the user’s files unless ransomware is paid. More modern ransomware families, collectively categorised as crypto-ransomware, encrypt certain file types on infected systems and forced users to pay the ransom through certain online payment methods to get the decryption key.

Application Failover – Ransomware is made to infect networks rapidly and initiating file encryption in a matter of seconds. The moment ransomware starts to infect mission-critical applications and databases, you will need a solution that can restore your systems in minutes.

  • Button failover provides the ability to boot up virtual machines from an on-premises appliance or from your private cloud in minutes.
  • Locate the point of the infection quickly by browsing the disk image to determine the time of infection and have the ability to restore a backup to that point in time.
  • Restore in stressful situations can help simplify and quickly recover from anything unexpected happening that’s been caused by ransomware.

Anomaly Detection – Will always ensure that you will never be caught off guard. Anomly is an early warning system that enables companies to quickly resolve a ransomware infection and recover important data before the entire network coms to a stop. With anomaly detection within your file, any changes or moving of files will be monitored and you will receive an automatic email alert and anomaly warning.