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Published on January 26, 2022 | By Sascha Neumeier

An insight into the Paessler PRTG Roadmap 2022

With 2022 swinging in, we are ambitiously working on our products and have so many ideas that we want to implement. I’m sure you’ve noticed that we have shared a lot of news with you in the last weeks. We released the first preview version of our brand new user interface and a new Restful API, which is also in testing phase. Also, our Multi-Platform Probe expands our monitoring portfolio to include non-Windows based platforms.

✔️ Paessler PRTG brings an entirely new user experience with a brand new UI

✔️ Paessler PRTG offers a brand new Restful API alongside a new UI

✔️ First steps with the new Paessler PRTG Multi-Platform Probe

Last week, we launched our Paessler PRTG Hosted Monitor globally. You can now get our cloud-based monitoring solution in various hosting regions around the globe. You don’t need to bolt a server into your rack anymore! We host it for you, so you can fully concentrate on your core business.

✔️ Global launch of Paessler PRTG Hosted Monitor

In the video below, my colleague Daniel – one of the product managers for Paessler PRTG and one of those responsible for the roadmap of our core products – talks about all of these topics in more detail. Plus he also talks about our Paessler PRTG roadmap in 2022. There you can find an overview of everything that is coming up. So grab a drink of your choice, sit back, and enjoy the video.

By the way, you can access various surveys directly from our roadmap. This way you can actively influence the further development of our products with your valuable feedback.

✔️ Find the public Paessler PRTG roadmap here

In addition to our surveys, you can also submit feature requests directly to us. For more information check out the article Send us your PRTG feature requests.

PRTG is not just for small and medium-sized infrastructure anymore!

Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor.

PRTG XLPRTG Enterprise Monitor
The PRTG XL license is a perpetual license. It limits the number of PRTG servers but not the number of sensors.

  • Licensing based on the number of PRTG servers
  • No sensor limitation by license; however, there are physical limitations
PRTG Enterprise Monitor is subscription-based. There is no limitation on the number of PRTG servers; rather, you pay for the sensors you need.

  • Includes the exclusive ITOps Board
  • Unlimited PRTG server installations
  • Licensed by number of sensors

Large monitoring setups require planning, experience, and a lot of monitoring know-how. PRTG experts around the globe are ready to support you with the best monitoring setup for you. Click here to learn more and to contact us.