Hardware and Software Inventory Audits

Take the hassle out of system audits with a solution that provides hardware and software inventory audits with reporting on system changes.

Key Features of Hardware and Software Inventory Audits

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Key Features of Hardware and Software Inventory Audits

  • Remote & Automated Software Deployment

  • One-Click Concurrent Deployment

  • Remote Software Uninstallation

  • Integrated Software Inventory Management

  • Flexible MSI & EXE Application Deployment

  • Deployment Methods

Network Scanning:

This product possesses information about your entire network. Windows, OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, and ESX/ESXi-based computers and servers can be scanned without preinstalling agents, you tell the program what it needs to scan and you can create unlimited scheduled tasks with different triggers. All you need is the administrator’s password to scan single nodes, network address ranges, or Active Directory structures.


Create flexible reports on different data categories and build table reports with hundreds of available data fields using a convenient tool. Reports can also be copied, exported, or printed, and the search feature shows the results before you even finish typing.

You can build the following reports:

  1. Group Reports – Provides an overview of the following:
    • Number of online and offline assets
    • List of assets that were scanned recently
    • List of assets that were not scanned
    • Number of physical devices of each type
    • List of virtual devices of each type
    • List of computer models
    • List of operating systems discovered in the group and the number of copies of each
    • List of alerts in the group
  2. Reports on selected assets – Includes the following reports categories:
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • General Information
    • Alerts
    • Custom Information
    • Users

Inventory Management:

With this inventory management storage solution, you will have your entire network’s inventory at a glance including a set of network administrator tools and can ve used in offices, companies, small and large corporate networks.

  1. Centralized Storage – Total network inventory storage is a regular folder on your hard drive where each computer is represented by a file where you can easily move these files to another storage or back them up.
  2. Hardware Accounting – Attach notes, inventory numbers, additional text, price and data fields to your computers. All of the data will be stored in a single place, always at hand.
  3. Network at a glance – The network tree can display various data, automatically detects virtual systems and marks them.

Scan Scheduler:

Keep your data up-to-date automatically! Schedule data gathering by creating both single postponed scan sessions and repetitive tasks. Create complex temporal triggers using the scheduler, create a list of assets that you need to scan later or repeatedly and tell TNI when you want them scanned. You can create an unlimited number of scheduled tasks with different triggers.

Scan everything:

  • Microsoft Windows-based computers
  • Apple macOS-based computers
  • Linux-based alerts
  • FreeBSD assets